Children's Ministry Videos

Do You Do You Know: Faith

"Do You, Do You Know" is a segment by Kids On The Move to help kids understand words that they may only hear in church.

Who is Moses?

A “kid-on-the-street” style video from Jelly Telly asking kids to explain who Moses is and why he’s an important biblical character.

Dave on Children's Ministry

Allow this children's worker's testimony to inspire you in your work with kids or to make your own testimonial video for your church.

KidStuf: "Be$t Family" Music Video

Enjoy an awesome promotional music video presented by North Point Community Church’s KidStuf ministry.

Hillsong Kids: Kids Realm

Watch real kids in a dynamic worship setting and get some ideas for presentations for your kids in “big church” … or just enjoy watching these kids worship Jesus!


Greg Gunn shares about the importance of developing a unique vision for your family.

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