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Happiness in Marriage

When It’s Okay to Not Chase Happiness in Marriage

The greatest good we could do for ourselves and others is found not in "Happiness but in Righteousness."
Temptations Single People

4 Temptations Single People Deal With

It's not easy being single. It's even harder being married to the wrong person.
End Times To Inspire

Should We Use The End Times To Inspire Our Teens To Live For Christ?

Regardless of your eschatological leanings most of us can agree that a primary purpose of prophecy is to be ready for the return of Jesus.
Soul Health

7 Ways to Maintain Soul Health in Frontline Ministry

Those on the frontlines of ministry have an acute need to take care of their souls.
Nice Things

God’s View: It’s Okay to Have Nice Things!

He wants us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, but only if we’ve managed our blessings in a way that brings glory to Him.
People Bible

Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Like People in the Bible

Solomon had more wisdom in his noggin than any of us. It didn’t help.

10 Books That Helped Shape My Spiritual Life

Jarrid Wilson shares the top 10 books that helped to shape his spirit.

What if My Child Claims He Is Gay?

Many Christian parents live with a real fear that one of their children may someday reveal that they experience same-sex attraction.

Hope and Perspective When We’re Dealing With Doubt

We can trust God is refining us through our trials—and one day will bring us into his glorious presence.
Nashville Statement

Why Rosaria Butterfield Signed the Nashville Statement

I pray that she (and the Nashville Statement itself) can help pastors and leaders within the church as they guide their people to understand sexuality with the Christ-like combination of grace and truth.

3 Dot Theology

When we try to connect the dots in terms of election and evangelism it can not only frustrate our theological systems, but fry our puny brains.

What’s Your Story

Because everyone, every person, has a story. And I just want to hear it.
Prayer changed

The Prayer That Changed My Life

There was a time as a young Christian...I believed if you were living according to the Word, nothing bad could happen to you.
Church Disrupter

6 Traits of a Church Disrupter

The disrupter is just that. He disrupts the unity of the church. He disrupts the outward focus of the church. And he disrupts the plans of church leadership.
American Tension

The Current American Tension and 4 Opportunities for the Church

How does the church better function as part of the solution rather than as part of the problem?

No Revival Without Evangelism

The preaching of the gospel was at the heart of the Great Awakenings.
TED Talks marriage

5 Must See TED Talks for Your Marriage

These TedTalks could save your marriage.

America Needs Worldchangers

Worldchangers obey God.
Skipping Church

The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church

When things are difficult, we think little of pulling away from responsibilities, of reorienting our lives away from whatever causes inconvenience.

It’s Called SELF-Control

Not world-control. Not others-control. Not situation-control. Self-control.

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