Youth Leaders Videos

Twilight Parody

Nothing like a good parody of the Twilight saga to help you make a spiritual point.

Sharing Your Faith With Friends

Help your teens break the barriers to witnessing within their peer groups.

Redeeming Masculinity

We're losing our masculinity and its showing. In this video Darrin Patrick shares the need for more godly men.

Marcel – Shell with Shoes On

A Q&A with Marcel, the shell with shoes on.


Words have power. Even on paper.

David Hughes IS Soccer

David Hughes knows hard work and dedication; therefore, David Hughes IS soccer.

Skateboard Animation

Hard work is the price we must pay for success.

Kid Calls 911 for Help With Math

Who knew you could get help with your math homework by calling 9-1-1?

Super Awesome Homeless Dude

We love an epic air-drum solo. We thought you would too.

The Story of Kacie McCoy

Kacie McCoy's life was change by one leader who reached out to her over time.

Set Your Leaders Free

Leaders want to win. They want to be faithful. They are in the race of their lives with students.

Mouse Vs Mouse Trap

This video is not only purely entertaining but could be used in your message about sin.

Walk on Water

We want to be so much like Jesus that we'll even try to walk on water.

That Will Leave a Mark

Tripp & Tyler teach you how to leave a mark!

Evangelism Q&A

Tim Schmoyer interviews Greg Stier with questions from students about evangelism, culture, and the difference between faith and religion.

Cupcake Cannon

We don't know where to get a cupcake cannon, but we want one.

Reaching the Younger Generation

Pastor Efrem Smith suggests ways to best reach younger generations.

The Volunteer

This short video by Youth Specialties is a great opener for your next volunteer staff meeting.

I've Seen it All

Youth leaders see it all while working with young people, but in the end it's completely worth it to see the one thing that matters.

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