19 Things It Is Not Normal For Leaders To Do

19 Things It Is Not Normal for Leaders to Do

"Many leaders are sabotaging their leadership."
Who Am I

Janette…ikz Takes Listeners on a Poetic Journey through Her Salvation Experience

"Listen, my flesh got an offer To join the losing team."

Barnabas Piper on Divorce—The Scarlet Letter of the Evangelical World

"I had to make the decision to stop praying for my ex once we were divorced."
The Great Danger of Orthodoxy

The Great Danger of Orthodoxy

"The Christian faith is known as an orthodox faith."
12 Steps To Ministry Burnout

12 Steps to Ministry Burnout

Get so consumed with internal work that you stop evangelizing. Spend your ministry putting out fires in the church. Let somebody else invest in lost persons and see God save souls.
Youth Ministry Evangelism 501: Learning How to Reach Out to ALL Families in Your Community

Youth Ministry Evangelism 501: Learning How to Reach Out to ALL Families in Your...

Youth ministry evangelism is a great thing but what if youth ministries widen their reach beyond students to all families in the community?
10 Reasons Pastors Struggle with Anger

10 Reasons Pastors Struggle With Anger

"Some days, it feels like weighty pastoral pressures never end."

6 Reasons You Should Say “Yes” When Asked to Lead in Your Church

"If you are approached and asked, here are six reasons you should say yes."
Navigating Transitions In Life

Navigating Transitions in Life

Life is so much about perspective, and having a healthy perspective will help us in countless ways. God wants to give us a perspective of gratitude, no matter what transitions come our way.
Pastor, Don't Vent Your Spleen—Shepherd Instead

Pastor, Don’t Vent Your Spleen—Shepherd Instead

"This spirit is destructive wherever it is found, but it is especially destructive when it stands behind a pulpit."

Charles Spurgeon: Preachers Need to Help People Understand their Need for Repentance Before Offering...

“It will never do for men to be led to think that they are healed before they know that they are sick unto death."
What is Superstitious about Asking Jesus into Your Heart?

Why We Need to Stop Telling People to ‘ask Jesus into your heart’

Can we as Christians do something with the right intentions but in the wrong way?
Four Useful Ministries By Deacons

Four Useful Ministries by Deacons

Deacons are a mystery in many churches.
Why the Time to Lead is Right Now

Why the Time to Lead Is Right Now

"If you really aspire to lead, start leading right now."
10 Ways Leaders Add Value

10 Ways Leaders Add Value

"People appreciate being appreciated."

What Is Pentecost?

Peter’s speech at Pentecost is the first example we are given of an early-church sermon inviting others to join the Kingdom of God.
10 Reasons to Be Humble Toward Opponents

10 Reasons to Be Humble Toward Opponents

"We must fight like lions for the truth of the gospel—the souls of our hearers are at stake."
Do You Share God's Heart?

Do You Share God’s Heart?

I don't know about you, but sometimes I like to read the Bible with self-righteous glasses and look down on the men and women who make faithless blunders and selfish decisions.
When Trauma Comes to Church

When Trauma Comes to Church

"Loving well, especially loving those impacted by trauma, requires commitment that increases “more and more” as the years pass by."

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