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Where Did Evil Come From?

Tim Keller Answers: Where Did Evil Come From?

“Where God has shut His mouth, I should be afraid to open mine.”
Why the Biblical Word, “YHWH” is a Big Deal

Why Are There Different Names for God in the Old Testament?

God referred to himself as “EHYEH” when he was talking to Moses through the burning bush. Yet there are many different names for God that are used in the Old Testament.
African Americans and Theological Imperialism

Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Eric Mason Discuss Theological Imperialism and African Americans

Pastor Eric Mason from Philadelphia engaged in a roundtable discussion with rappers Lecrae and Trip Lee about "theological imperialism".
Is Compatibility in Marriage Overrated?

Perhaps We’ve Over-Emphasized Compatibility When Looking for a Spouse

Does one need to be compatible with one's partner before marriage?
Sinner's Prayer

Is The Sinner’s Prayer Biblical?

A person’s sincerity about his or her salvation is not dependent upon the “facts of a prayer” but actually having the fruit of the Spirit.
Did Your Pastor Attend Swag Seminary?

Swag Seminary: Learn to Preach the Gospel While Looking Relevant

If you are considering furthering your theological education, but lack a little... umm... coolness, then John Crist and Aaron Chewning would like to introduce you to Swag Seminary.
How Should Husbands and Wives Agree on Life Decisions

Matt and Lauren Chandler: How to Go about Life Decisions when the Husband Is...

Marriage has a deeper meaning than two people taking up space in a home, sharing responsibilities, and physically connecting with each other.
Who Am I

Janette…ikz Takes Listeners on a Poetic Journey through Her Salvation Experience

"Listen, my flesh got an offer To join the losing team."
What is Superstitious about Asking Jesus into Your Heart?

Why We Need to Stop Telling People to ‘ask Jesus into your heart’

Can we as Christians do something with the right intentions but in the wrong way?
Do You Share God’s Heart?

Do You Perform the Commands of God without Sharing His Heart?

The deepest form of self-deception is to perform the commands of God without the heart of God.
Scripture Bible Manuscript

Understanding the Footnote ‘Some Manuscripts Say…’ in Your Bible

If you have ever read this phrase and wondered why there may be different versions of Scripture, the following video is for you.
The Bible in Just Over 5

The Bible in Just Over 5 Minutes

The Bible is a collection of books written over a long period of time, but don’t forget that all these collected books actually tell one big story.
Lukewarm Chan

Francis Chan: There’s no Such Thing as a Lukewarm Christian

“Even that phrase, ‘lukewarm Christian’…I don’t see that in the Scripture."
Your “What” Is Not As Important As Your “Why”

Andy Stanley: Your “What” Is Not As Important As Your “Why”

Andy Stanley challenges us to not be afraid to go back to God’s calling upon our lives in order to answer the “why”.
Beth Moore Parenting

Parents: Are You More Concerned about Your Child’s Success than You Are about His...

When our children are rebelling, are we willing to ask God to bring hard circumstances into their lives in order for them to see the folly of their rebellion?
Can Someone Love Jesus But Not The Church?

Can I Love Jesus But Not The Church?

If we don’t love God’s people, then we have reason to suspect that our relationship with God is not genuine.

Comparison is a Breeding Ground for Discontentment and Dissatisfaction with God

Comparing ourselves to other people can be such a subtle sin because it’s all internal.
Is Your Family Tech Wise?

3 Family Rhythms to Put into Practice to Help Everyone Unplug

Smart devices promise to make our lives easier, but they actually bring complexity and busyness.
I Want to Disciple But How?

Francis Chan Answers: How Do I Disciple Someone?

"Disciple-making must begin with a regular rhythm of studying the Bible."

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