Small Group Leaders

Why Some People are Exiting the Institutional Church to Start House Churches

Can the institutional church learn from the house church movement?

5 Ships Every Small Group Needs

What your small group needs to carry out its mission.

Resolve to Become an Innovator

"An innovator looks for ways to improve the performance of whatever they’re doing."

Small Group Roles

A look at different roles for small group participants.

Resolve to Be a Student

Sharpen your group life skills and understanding.

Share Ownership, Share Leadership

Groups who share leadership as a core team are much stronger in other areas of group health.

Impotent God: Misunderstood or Masterfully Misdiagnosed?

"Jesus hasn’t misplaced His authority over all things; we seemed to have lost our aptitude for acknowledging it."

Making Love into a Verb in Your Group

"How deep is your love for one another?"

Skill Training: Four Questions Every Coach Should Be Asking

"What are you training your coaches to do?"

Do We Belong to Each Other?

How to live as if we belong to each other, and not to ourselves.

Christian Swartz Got It Right

“Holistic small groups are the natural place for Christians to learn to serve others—both inside and outside the group—with their spiritual gifts."

The Book of Eli, the Bible, and Your Small Group

"Many times we are so caught up in protecting our perspective of a biblical thought that we forget to do those things the Bible says we are to do."

Small Group Worldviews

The purpose of small groups is to be the environment where God transforms us.

Lowering the Leader Bar

"Who you encourage (or allow) to host a group absolutely determines the outreach potential."

What is a Church Anyway?

Statistics from a 2007 Barna Group nationwide survey.

Crowd-to-Core, Quality Control, and Problem-Free

Further thoughts on small group and cell group ministries.

You Can't Manufacture Growth and Fellowship

Develop a pre-group process for incoming members.

A Response: The Difference Between a Cell Group and a Small Group

There are no problem-free solutions to anything.

Keeping Teens Engaged In Small Groups

Students get bored easily - how does a small group leader grab the attention of their students?

The Ten Reasons Small Groups are the Primary Way to Change the World in...

"Ten reasons why small groups are the primary avenue through which we can guide people to the Jesus we know."

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