Small Group Leaders

Paul and the Pursuit of Liberty

Paul and the Pursuit of Liberty

What Do You Do with the Minor Prophets?

What Do You Do with the Minor Prophets?

Good Witches, Bad Witches, and Hearts Alive

"Take notice of the things that make you come alive."

The Senior Pastor's Role in Cell Ministry

Senior Pastor and Cell Ministry

Can Anyone Lead a Cell Group?

Can Anyone Lead a Cell Group?

How To Start Cell Groups for Youth

Starting Cell Groups for Youth

How Healthy Are Your Cell Groups? An Assessment Tool

Are Your Cell Groups Healthy?

Train Cell Group Leaders Effectively

Effective Group Leader Training

How To Plant a Cell-Based Church

In Luke 5, several of the prospective disciples have been fishing all night but have caught nothing. However, when Jesus suggests that they let...

How To Get Started with a Cell Group

The biological cell is a basic building block of life. Healthy cells multiply themselves millions of times in the course of a lifetime. Each...

Authentic Small Groups and Gran Torino

The feature film Gran Torino helps us understand what makes authentic relationships so valuable.


Acknowledging a small group member's story helps them move forward.

Is Great Bible Teaching Dialogue or Monologue?

It’s interesting to me that the Greek word for Paul’s drawn out teaching in Ephesus (Acts 20:7) is where we get our word for...

My Testimony, So Far

"I used to think I had a boring testimony."

There’s More

"He's like a Mountie / He always gets His man / He will zap you any way He can / Zap!"

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