Small Group Leaders

Confronting in Small Group

Wisdom on small groups from Joel Comiskey

Transitioning to Cell Church

In this article I cover two main points that I've divided into two parts:  1. Preparing for the transition 2. Making the actual transition. In...

Goal Setting in Cell Group Ministry

Many cell group churches are led by committed senior pastors, hold to a proper view of the cell, and concentrate on cell ministry. In...

Is Your Church a Cruise Ship or Harbor Fleet?

"How do you and especially your members view your church?"

Portrait of Courage: Polycarp

“86 years have I served Him, he has done me no wrong; how then can I blaspheme my King who saved me?”

Portrait of Courage: John Wycliffe

"I believe that in the end truth will conquer."

Small Group Members Behaving Badly… Deal With It!

How to deal with someone in your group who is disruptive.

Paul and the Pursuit of Liberty

Paul and the Pursuit of Liberty

What Do You Do with the Minor Prophets?

What Do You Do with the Minor Prophets?

Good Witches, Bad Witches, and Hearts Alive

"Take notice of the things that make you come alive."

The Senior Pastor's Role in Cell Ministry

Senior Pastor and Cell Ministry

Can Anyone Lead a Cell Group?

Can Anyone Lead a Cell Group?

How To Start Cell Groups for Youth

Starting Cell Groups for Youth

How Healthy Are Your Cell Groups? An Assessment Tool

Are Your Cell Groups Healthy?

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