Small Group Leaders How To's

Small Groups That Change Lives: 5 Principles

Jesus is comfortable with chaos of people's lives. Are you?

Accountability That Works

Some accountability comes across as coaching and encouraging; other efforts at accountability seem condescending and defeating.

Must Haves for New Small Group Leaders

Essential building blocks for a successful small group ministry.

8 Rules for Avoiding Small Group Leader Burnout

Dodge the burnout ball and stay in the game.

12 Tips for a Successful Campaign

You'll want to read these top tips from small group guru Steve Gladen as you prepare for your fall churchwide campaign.

5 Key Steps to a Disciplemaking System in Your Church

Jesus commanded us to make disciples. Jesus has given us His Spirit to empower us to do it. He has given us His authority to accomplish it.

Milestones for Small Groups: How to Measure Spiritual Growth

Having trouble measuring spiritual growth? Here's a practical list to help you assess the discipleship happening in your small group ministry.

Small Groups for the Homeless: Could Your Church Do Them?

What would it look like to minister to the homeless through small groups?

Making the Most of a “Teachable Moment”: 7 Steps

Mike Mack helps you leverage a "golden opportunity" to develop a staff or volunteer leader.

Post-Easter: 3 Steps to Launch New Groups (and 5 Great Studies for New People)

After Easter 2015, there will still plenty of spring left before summer, and it makes sense to launch another wave of small groups.

7 Questions to Help Develop Strengths, Not Weaknesses

People can fire off a list of their weaknesses, no problem, but ask them for their strengths and they hesitate.

4 Ways to Grow Your Small Group

Jim Egli gives his views on new research providing helpful tips on what drives small group growth.

How Pastors Ruin Their Small Group Ministries

Quit looking for a magic bullet.

Dealing With Aggressive People in Your Group

If it is bothering you, let that be a sign that others might feel the same way.

How to Become a More Relational Leader: 8 Simple Ways

Fostering relationships doesn’t mean that a leader has to be intimate friends with everyone he/she leads. Rather it means that everyone being led feels valued.

13 Practical Ways to Make Every Group Meeting Count

Matt Lockhart gives valuable tips to help you make the most of your small group meetings every week.

5 Surefire Ways to Screw Up a Small Group

One of the roots of each of these surefire ways to screw up your group is a lack of real commitment ... or a lack of commitment to the right things.

Getting Group Members to Show Up on Time

How our own behaviors reinforce the bad habits of others.

8 Principles in Seeking Spiritual Accountability

If you want accountability, you’ve got to take that responsibility on yourself.

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