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coronavirus sermon

8 Strong Coronavirus Sermons You Can Preach

In partnership with SermonCentral, here are eight strong coronavirus sermons. Each provides perspective, inspiration, challenge, and hope. Perhaps a specific coronavirus sermon will inspire and equip you as you seek to speak the Word of God in this unprecedented time.
Why Is There So Much Sexual Immorality and Polygamy in the Old Testament?

Why Is There So Much Sexual Immorality and Polygamy in the Old Testament?

It's the question of the day at Gentle Reformation. Though we hadn't planned it, 3GT and my post now are a two-part series on the question...
When St. Paul Faced Isolation to Love a Sick Friend

Social Distancing: When St. Paul Faced Isolation to Love a Sick Friend

St. Paul made a hard decision: he chose to send away his one friend and companion in his own moment of difficulty. He chose to be alone, and to cut himself off from a lifeline of material, social, and emotional support
good news of christ

Luis Palau to Pastors: This Easter Is a Unique Opportunity

Even in the time of a global pandemic and his own health concerns, Luis Palau continues to preach the good news of Christ with...



our youth

Kara Powell: This Is What Young People Need from Adults Right Now

“This is an anxious season," says Dr. Kara Powell, and there is a good chance social isolation will foster depression and suicidal ideation in our youth. Here is what you need to know to help the young people in your life.
ken boa

Ken Boa: Suffering Is a Required Course in the University of Life

"Suffering is not an elective," says Ken Boa. But even though we are guaranteed to experience pain in life, by God's grace we can still move toward joy.

Daniel Grothe: Who Are the 80-Year-Olds You Want to Be Like?

"There is a constellation of sages," says Daniel Grothe, "that the Lord will situate around all of our lives.” But like wisdom in the Bible, these wise men and women have to be pursued.
jeremy camp

Jeremy Camp: God Does Not Waste Suffering

Jeremy Camp says that 'I Still Believe,' the new movie based on his life, shows that even when we go through deep suffering, God "gives us the tools and the ability to walk through it with strength and with grace.”
jay kim

Jay Kim: Why We Need an Analog Church in a Digital Age

"The Digital Age is driven by three crucial values," says Jay Kim. And those values are directly opposed to what it means to follow Jesus.
margaret feinberg

Margaret Feinberg: How Food Reveals the Heart of God

"People," says Margaret Feinberg, "are hungry for so much more than an app, an entree, and a dessert.” And yet God uses hospitality to knock down barriers that would be insurmountable otherwise.
mark nelson

Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson: Being at Peace with the Mystery of God

"It’s time for [church leaders] to go on a journey of renewal," say Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson. This journey requires us to refuse to simplify our faith...and to be comfortable having more questions than answers.

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12 Things a Church Pastor Cannot Do

There are 12 things a church pastor cannot do. Pastors are amazing people and, in faith, they can do a lot...just not these things.