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James MacDonald May Not Be Welcome at Harvest Naples After All

Pastor John Secrest of the Harvest Naples campus says he was not consulted in the decision to allow James MacDonald to preach at the Naples campus during his "indefinite sabbatical" and that he does not support the decision.

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lose people It's Not Always You: Why People Leave Your Church and How To Keep Them

It’s Not Always You: Why People Leave Your Church and How to Keep Them

There are times when you’ll lose people because your church didn’t do well at keeping people connected—and these losses hurt because you know you could have done something different.
prophetic word

What’s a Prophetic Word and How Do We Really Hear God Speak?

A prophetic word, also known as a “word of knowledge,” is a prophecy given by a worshiper for the congregation.
I'm Sorry for How the Church Has Sidelined Women

I’m Sorry for How the Church Has Sidelined Women

I am profoundly sorry for the way the church—and men in the church—have limited the participation, ownership and growth of women.
busyness is actually idleness

Is All This Busyness Just Idleness in Disguise?

Idleness by definition is laziness or a lack of action. But what if our busyness is actually idleness? What if our time is sprinkled with lazy, brainless, idle activities?



Brent Crowe

Brent Crowe: When You Live and Lead With Regret

“There’s never been a life lived that didn’t have regrets. There’s never been a life lived that didn’t fail on some level or another," Brent Crowe says. In our conversation, Brent encourages leaders to shift their paradigm on regret and failure.
Scott Sauls

Scott Sauls: How to Be an Authentic Person (and Pastor)

Scott Sauls discusses how a battle with depression during his time as a pastor brought about his greatest contribution to the Kindom of God.
Matthew Kim

Matthew Kim: Considering Your Congregation When You Preach

Dr. Matthew Kim of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary discusses how pastors can increase their cultural intelligence and preach better sermons.
year in review 2018

Year in Review: 2018 Was a Difficult One for the Church

ChurchLeaders podcast host Jason Daye talks about the year in review with ChurchLeaders editor Megan Briggs.
Reggie McNeal

Reggie McNeal: The Gospel of the Kingdom Vs. the Gospel of the Church

Reggie McNeal addresses the differences between kingdom-centric churches and church-centric churches in our conversation.

Dean Sweetman and Frank Barry: What Pastors Need to Know About Year-End Giving

Dean Sweetman and Frank Barry with discuss what pastors and ministry leaders need to know about year-end giving. The reality is that December is an excellent time to talk about giving, even more so than you may realize.
Jonathan Pokluda

Jonathan Pokluda: Millennials, “Adulting”, and the Church

Jonathan Pokluda leads a group of 3,500 millennials in Dallas, Texas. His best tip for discipling this age group: Don't lower the bar.

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