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Flattery Is Not Encouragement

Flattery Is Not Encouragement

Like other good gifts from God, even the gift of encouragement has a sinister imitation: flattery. While at times looking very similar to encouragement, Scripture warns that flattery leads to selfish and destructive ends.
shelter care

She Left Her Job to Help Sex Trafficking Survivors. This Is What She Learned.

Thirteen years ago, Jeanne Allert's life was changed when she was invited to do outreach to sexually exploited women in need of shelter care. Since then, Allert has learned a great deal about how to provide such care—and about what the church can do to help.
Do You Really Need to Give That Vision Sermon, Pastor?

Do You Really Need to Give That Vision Sermon, Pastor?

For a vision sermon we work hard to script a motivational long-term picture of where the church needs to go, typically using some verses out of context to do so. Seldom is it supernatural. Rarely is it the result of extraordinary corporate prayer and fasting.
When SARS Pushed an Infectious Diseases Doctor Toward God

When SARS Pushed an Infectious Diseases Doctor Toward God

Stories about finding God amaze us and remind us that God pursues his people.




Lee Strobel: Pastor, You Need an Apologetics Point Person

Lee Strobel says, "We have to create safe places in our churches and let people know it’s ok to have questions." But pastors can't—and shouldn't have to—do this important work alone.
tim mackie

Tim Mackie and Jon Collins: This Is Why It’s Hard to Understand the Bible

BibleProject's Tim Mackie and Jon Collins say it's not surprising if people find the Bible hard to understand. "Most people," says Tim, "aren’t in the habit of reading ancient texts from across the planet from thousands of years ago, and that’s what the Bible is."
thom schultz

Thom Schultz: Kids Need VBS This Year More Than Ever

Thinking about not doing VBS this year because of the pandemic? According to Thom Schultz, "This is the most important year ever for vacation Bible school in our lifetimes.”
jeannie gaffigan

Jeannie Gaffigan: How to Handle Life’s Trials with Faith and Humor

"Your experience right now is meaningful in some way in your life," says Jeannie Gaffigan. Faith can help you see that—but humor can as well!
dave gibson

Dave Gibson: Whose Salvation Are You Praying for Every Day?

"Evangelism is a process," says Dave Gibson, and it's a process that starts with prayer. So whose salvation are you praying for?
eric metaxas

Eric Metaxas: God Has Powerful Lessons for Us in the Heroes of History

We need the heroes of history to teach us how to live today. In fact, says Eric Metaxas, “some of these stories are too important not to know.”
timothy keller

Timothy Keller: How to Practice True Tolerance

"For those outside [the church], our unity is a very important witness," says Dr. Timothy Keller. Without true tolerance, however, we will remain polarized.

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