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unity in the church

Francis Chan: What Is the Key to Unity in the Church?

Unity in the church is important. But so is not compromising the truth. Francis Chan wants to know: How do Christians pursue unity without compromising the essential doctrines of the faith?

Francis Chan on Transubstantiation: ‘Don’t Know Where I Land Yet’

Francis Chan sits down with Hank Hanegraaff and K.P. Yohannan to discuss the early church's views on the Eucharist.
gift of healing

The Gift of Healing: Francis Chan on His Change of Mind

“For many years I didn’t believe in healing. I didn’t believe in miracles—it was pretty much what I was taught in seminary,” Francis Chan said. Recently, though, Chan changed his mind.
no fear

Francis Chan: People Need to Know Why We Have No Fear of Death

Christians should not allow fear to rob them of love, joy or peace, says Francis Chan. In fact, because of what Jesus has done for us, we can have no fear of anything, not even death. 
sham shui po

Francis Chan Shares Rare Story About His Mother and God’s Goodness

Francis Chan has just moved to the Sham Shui Po neighborhood in Hong Kong with his family. The pastor shares a personal story about this neighborhood and a connection his mother had to it.
count the cost

Francis Chan at The Send: Stop Worrying About Staying Alive

Speaking at The Send conference in Brazil, Francis Chan challenged the crowd to count the cost of preserving their own lives instead of wholeheartedly following God.
Francis Chan

Is Francis Chan Right About the Lord’s Supper?

Francis Chan recently implied that the reformers relegated the Lord’s Supper to a “symbol,” elevated the pulpit and preaching in its stead and caused division in the church—which now has 30,000 denominations.

Francis Chan: We’ve Replaced Communion With ‘one guy and his pulpit’

Francis Chan argued the modern American church has replaced communion with the sermon as the center of our modern worship services. This has had a profound effect on our function as the church.
francis chan

Francis Chan: My Family and I Are Going to Be Missionaries in Asia

In a sermon he preached yesterday at Azusa Pacific University, Francis Chan made a surprising announcement: he and his family will be leaving the U.S. this February to be missionaries in Asia.
pastor francis chan

Francis Chan Responds to Accusations He Is ‘Leading People to the Wolves’

Former pastor Francis Chan has ignited controversy by speaking on February 23rd at The Send conference, a stadium event that included, among others, speakers Mike Bickle and Todd White. It didn't help that Chan was photographed with televangelist Benny Hinn.

Francis Chan Calls Out Christians Who’d Rather Talk About “Spiritual Things” Than Money

“Jesus talked about money so much, so it doesn’t make any sense to say, ‘let’s talk about spiritual things.’”
francis chan family

Francis Chan: Stop Idolizing Your Family

According to Francis Chan family is easy to idolize. It's a temptation all of us face when we marry and have children.
Francis Chan: The Two Scariest Lies in the World Right Now

Francis Chan: The Two Scariest Lies in the World Right Now

These lies are told every day all around our country, and people believe them.
Francis Chan Asks: Has the Church Given Up on Unity?

Francis Chan Asks: Has the Church Given Up on Unity?

I’m going to say something that might be hard to hear: What if we let people leave—for the sake of unity?
Francis Chan house church

Is Francis Chan’s Model of Church the Future?

Francis Chan doesn't usually mince words when he describes the problem with the church in America. In this documentary, an inside look at Chan's house church endeavor gives us a glimpse into what Chan thinks the church can and should be.
Francis Chan: Give Up Now on Trying to Fake It as a Christian

Francis Chan: Give Up Now on Trying to Fake It as a Christian

If we fool everyone on earth into thinking we lived this great life, yet end up in hell, Chan says, what good will that do us when we get to hell?
love god

Francis Chan Calls Every Church to Repentance in This Exclusive Interview

Love God and love each other. Francis Chan believes that if every church would do these two things, revival would break out in America.
Francis Chan

Francis Chan: This Is the Question Your Church Needs to Ask

“What I tried to write in my book is something that’s not biblically obvious.” - Francis Chan
Francis Chan: If You Think a Loving God Wouldn't Judge, Have You Read the Bible?

Francis Chan: If You Think a Loving God Wouldn’t Judge, Have You Read the...

As morality becomes more and more subjective, the concept of judgment becomes increasingly offensive.
American Christian

Francis Chan: ‘what kind of church would people like?’ Is the Wrong Question

Each American Christian should take Chapter 1 of Revelation as a severe warning. Francis Chan explains why at this chapel service at Azusa Pacific University.

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