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Is Francis Chan’s Model of Church the Future?

Francis Chan doesn't usually mince words when he describes the problem with the church in America. In this documentary, an inside look at Chan's house church endeavor gives us a glimpse into what Chan thinks the church can and should be.
Francis Chan: Give Up Now on Trying to Fake It as a Christian

Francis Chan: Give Up Now on Trying to Fake It as a Christian

If we fool everyone on earth into thinking we lived this great life, yet end up in hell, Chan says, what good will that do us when we get to hell?
Francis Chan

Francis Chan Calls Every Church to Repentance in This Exclusive Interview

Francis Chan says just two things matter. Could it be this simple and this hard to see God do an amazing work in the church today?
Francis Chan

Francis Chan: This Is the Question Your Church Needs to Ask

“What I tried to write in my book is something that’s not biblically obvious.” - Francis Chan
Francis Chan: If You Think a Loving God Wouldn't Judge, Have You Read the Bible?

Francis Chan: If You Think a Loving God Wouldn’t Judge, Have You Read the...

As morality becomes more and more subjective, the concept of judgment becomes increasingly offensive.

Francis Chan: The Two Scariest Lies in the World Right Now

These lies are told every day all around our country, and people believe them.
American church

Francis Chan: ‘what kind of church would people like?’ Is the Wrong Question

Francis Chan says Chapter 1 of Revelation is a severe warning for the American church. He calls it a "repent, or else" warning.
Francis Chan on

Francis Chan on Failure to Help the Poor Could Send You to Hell

Jesus didn’t speak of hell so that we could study and debate about it. He gave us these passages so that we would live holy lives.
Francis Chan

Francis Chan: This Is the Kind of Church God Wants

Does our American model of church planting produce the kind of churches God wants? Francis Chan answers.
American Church

Francis Chan: We Need a New Approach to the American Church

Francis Chan says Christians need to experiment with the American church and he has a model that is more biblical.
Francis Chan: Why We Don't Need More "Fellowship"

Francis Chan: Why We Don’t Need More “Fellowship”

Don't reduce "fellowship" to a series of gatherings.
Francis Chan Facebook

Francis Chan to Facebook Employees: Why I Asked God to Make Me Rich and...

“You’re at a disadvantage,” Francis Chan tells the group of Facebook employees. "There is a status working here. You’re cooler than your friends.”
Francis Chan: There’s no Such Thing as a Lukewarm Christian

Francis Chan: There’s no Such Thing as a Lukewarm Christian

“Even that phrase, ‘lukewarm Christian’…I don’t see that in the Scripture."
I Want to Disciple But How?

Francis Chan Answers: How Do I Disciple Someone?

"Disciple-making must begin with a regular rhythm of studying the Bible."
francis chan

Francis Chan Calls Out Christians Who’d Rather Talk About “Spiritual Things” Than Money

“Jesus talked about money so much, so it doesn’t make any sense to say, ‘let’s talk about spiritual things.’”

Francis Chan: How to Encourage Someone Facing Affliction

How do I get through a “light, momentary affliction” that doesn’t feel very light or momentary?
Francis Chan

Francis Chan: If Everyone Knew How to Read the Bible, It Would Change Church...

What would the church look like, Francis Chan asks, "if everyone who showed up on a Sunday morning actually spent the whole week, everyday, alone with God?”

Francis Chan: ‘I Love Mike Bickle’ and All My Other Charismatic Brothers and Sisters

Before Francis Chan spoke at the International House of Prayer’s OneThing Conference last year, he was asked, “Why would you go there? They are creepy.”

Francis Chan on Birth Control, Drinking Alcohol and Judging Others

"Don’t tell me I need Jesus plus something else."
holy spirit preaching

Francis Chan: How to Rely on the Holy Spirit When You Preach

"I really believe there’s a sweet communion I have with the Spirit when I’m preaching that I don’t get when I’m alone.”

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