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risky behavior in adolescence

Risky Behavior in Adolescence: The Dangers Facing Generation Z

When it comes to risky behavior in adolescence, a study of today’s teenagers reveals both troubling and encouraging findings. For parents, pastors, and youth group leaders concerned with reaching “Generation Z,” this information about modern risky behavior in adolescence is critical.
Generation Z

Generation Z Is Turning to the Occult for a Spiritual Path — Here’s Why

Generation Z has been the driving force behind the renewed popularity and mainstreaming of the age-old esoteric system. 
Generation Z

The Update on Generation Z Every Church Leader Needs

They are the largest generation on the planet. If you care about reaching people for Jesus, you will care about Generation Z.

What Purpose-Driven Means to Generation Z

Clearly a purpose-driven church is needed now more than ever. But do our purposes align with theirs in a way that would prove attractive? You might be surprised.
Generation Z Parenting Pro Tips

Generation Z … Parenting Pro Tips for Their Millennial Parents

Are you a parent raising, or youth pastor leading, Generation Z kids?
Gen Z Colleges Are Changing for Generation Z... And So Should You

Colleges Are Changing for Generation Z…and So Should You

Colleges are making these changes to embrace Gen Z. The church should do the same.
generation z

Study Finds Openness to the Gospel in Generation Z

A major new survey of 4,087 British adults on their attitudes toward religious people revealed that those of Generation Z are less likely to have a negative perception of Christians than millennials are.
10 Characteristics of Generation Z

10 Characteristics of Generation Z

If we don’t reach the next generation, we cease to exist.
Generation Z

How to Effectively Minister to Generation Z

"Generation Z are kids born between the late 1990s and the 2010s."
Next Generation

Focus on Gospel Vital in Reaching the Next Generation

Shane Pruitt and several other SBC leaders discussed the challenges and opportunities of ministering to Generation Z during a CP Stage panel at the SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif.
multi-generational church

Why Your Church Should Be Multi-Generational…and Why It’s Not That Easy to Do

Many churches consist of one primary generation, and that’s not the healthiest church. At the same time, though, growing an intentionally multi-generational church is not easy.
stressed out generation

Stressed Out Generation: 4 Ways You Can Help Today’s Teens

Now more than ever, youth ministers must be creative when approaching the topic of identity. What can we do to help this stressed out generation? Read on for four helpful suggestions.
He Gets Us

He Gets Us: Reframing Jesus for a Skeptical Generation

When we were approached to build a creative campaign to help reclaim the promise of Jesus in America, we recognized this assignment for what it is: a generational opportunity to play a role in an important move of God. 
next generation

4 Truths the Next Generation Needs to Know About the Church

You don’t have to look far to find stats, articles, or books on what’s wrong with the church today and how the next generation of young people is leaving in droves upon their high school graduation.
intergenerational ministry

Intergenerational Ministry: Strive for Understanding, Connectivity

For churches of all sizes, intergenerational ministry is a necessary and worthwhile undertaking. We must ask: What does each generation need from the church, and what can each generation contribute to the church?
Intergenerational Worship is NOT…

Intergenerational Worship Is NOT . . .

It seems like whenever the topic of multigenerational or intergenerational worship gets brought up, a lot of concerns and assumptions start being expressed. Here are some thoughts regarding what intergenerational worship is not and what intergenerational worship is.
intergenerational ministry

Intergenerational Ministry: Wonder, Community, and a Great Big God

The power of intergenerational ministry, the strength of connecting to others outside of our own tradition or experiences, is that we see God more clearly.

It’s Noisy Out There: Why We Need Intergenerational Community

Our kids are being raised in a time where, if left to their own devices, they would rarely interact with generations beyond theirs. The noise is deafening. And the need for intergenerational community is great.
Equality Act

The Equality Act Is the Most Significant Threat to Religious Liberty in a Generation

While discrimination toward people created in the image of God should, indeed, be opposed, the Equality Act does so in ways that significantly disregard religious liberty concerns.

iGeneration and iDentity

The iGeneration isn't logging onto social media to argue about politics, post memes, or catch-up with long lost friends. They're logging on to find themselves – to form, shape, and define their identity.

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13 Sanity Savers for VBS Directors

13 Sanity Savers for VBS Directors -  Details – big and small – must be planned out, tweaked, and re-tweaked to welcome a few hundred campers and volunteers to our program each day.  If you are overseeing VBS, you know exactly what I mean!

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Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.