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Free Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Resources

"Human life, conceived by a miracle of God, is something to be celebrated and protected."

Longtime, Pro-life Advocates in SBC Rejoice at Roe’s Demise

Southern Baptists who have advocated for preborn children and their mothers for decades rejoiced at the U.S. Supreme Court’s reversal of nearly 50 years of nationwide, legalized abortion while acknowledging much work remains.

Lifeway Research: Religious Faith, Church Attendance Aligns With More Pro-Life Views

According to a new Lifeway Research report, not all pro-life Americans are religious, but religious Americans are more likely to be pro-life.
Religious freedom

Religious Liberty, Life Top ERLC’s 2022 Public Policy Agenda

Religious freedom and human dignity again lead the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s public policy priorities in 2022, the Southern Baptist entity announced Thursday (Jan. 13).

Speak Up for Life: 12 Powerful Quotes About Pro Life

I think we should take a moment and honor those who have and are fighting for life. Here are some current and historic voices who spoke up for life.
March for Life 2021

March for Life 2021 Had ‘Somber’ Tone This Year

Instead of the throngs of supporters marching around Capitol Hill for March for Life 2021, the group’s presence in Washington D.C. was scaled back considerably.
biden administration

Will Biden Roll Back Trump’s Pro-Life Policies on Day One?

It is possible that one of the Biden administration's first acts will be to roll back the Trump administration's restrictions on taxpayer-funded abortions.
national march for life

March for Life Now to Be Held Virtually Due to Concerns About Security, COVID-19

This year’s National March for Life will no longer be taking place in person due to concerns about security and the COVID-19 pandemic.
Trump march for life speech

Trump Speaks About His Pro-Life Record at March for Life

Trump’s comments ranged from gratitude for the people involved in the pro-life cause to criticism of pro-choice democrats to the sanctity of all human life.
end of life

4 Principles for Making Critical End of Life Decisions

In my experience, I think most believers who are in end of life dilemmas or are thinking about them want to respond faithfully—we want...

Pro-Life Millennials? Mike Pence Has Reason to Hope

When Vice President Mike Pence predicted earlier this week that legal abortion would end in the U.S. "in our time" was the comment simply wishful thinking from a pro-life politician or are there signs that pro-life millennials are changing American culture?
March for Life

Trump at March for Life: Children Are ‘a precious gift from God’

President Donald Trump addresses the 45th Annual March for Life telling the 100,000 in attendance that he is with them.

Life-Changing Sermons

"Every worship service is an all-out war for the hearts of the people gathered."

The Fight for Life: Why We Keep Standing

At Desiring God, we are happy and unapologetic advocates of the sanctity of human life, beginning at conception. We love waving the banner for...

3 Core Post-Election Issues for the Church

Randall Bach urges Christian leaders to address three contemporary issues: Sanctity of Life; Same Sex Marriage; Illegal Immigration.
Sexual Abuse

SBC Messengers Lament, Take Steps To Address Sexual Abuse

Southern Baptist messengers took a strong stand against sexual abuse in Southern Baptist churches on June 13-14 at the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting.
unpardonable sin

R.C. Sproul: What Is the Unpardonable Sin?

It is not surprising that many people struggle with this issue because the precise nature of the "unpardonable sin" is difficult to discern and many theories about it have been set forth through church history.

‘Abortion Pills Forever’: Pro-Choice Activists Stage Demonstration Outside Supreme Court

As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a pivotal abortion case on Wednesday, pro-choice activists staged a demonstration outside that included a ceremonial partaking of abortion pills.
Liberty Counsel Target

Target Makes Liberty Counsel’s ‘Naughty’ List for Censoring Christmas

The Liberty Counsel released its annual “Naughty and Nice Retail List,” placing Target, TJ Maxx, and Barnes & Noble on the list of businesses that “silence and censor” Christmas.
supreme court abortion case

Christians to Pray for Roe Reversal Days Before Key SCOTUS Abortion Case

Days before the highly anticipated Supreme Court abortion case that could reverse Roe v. Wade, pro-life Christians throughout America will unite in prayer.

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Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.