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Video Resources for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (January 18th)

Resources for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

Free Sanctity of Human Life Sunday Resources

"Human life, conceived by a miracle of God, is something to be celebrated and protected."

Pro-Life Millennials? Mike Pence Has Reason to Hope

When Vice President Mike Pence predicted earlier this week that legal abortion would end in the U.S. "in our time" was the comment simply wishful thinking from a pro-life politician or are there signs that pro-life millennials are changing American culture?
March for Life

Trump at March for Life: Children Are ‘a precious gift from God’

President Donald Trump addresses the 45th Annual March for Life telling the 100,000 in attendance that he is with them.

LifeWay Poll Says 38 Percent of Evangelicals Believe Physician-Assisted Suicide Is Morally Acceptable

The acceptance of physician-assisted suicide is on the rise.

Life-Changing Sermons

"Every worship service is an all-out war for the hearts of the people gathered."

The Fight for Life: Why We Keep Standing

At Desiring God, we are happy and unapologetic advocates of the sanctity of human life, beginning at conception. We love waving the banner for...

3 Core Post-Election Issues for the Church

Randall Bach urges Christian leaders to address three contemporary issues: Sanctity of Life; Same Sex Marriage; Illegal Immigration.
Sex Education Should Start in the Christian Home

Sex Education Should Start in the Christian Home

"If we want our kids to think biblically about sex and about their own worth, then we have to teach them what the Bible says about it, one conversation at a time."
abortion in South Korea

125 Women and the Ineffectiveness of South Korea’s Abortion Ban

If abortion in South Korea is illegal, why does the government estimate that 44 percent of pregnancies end in abortion?
White House evangelical dinner

Trump Touts ‘Keeping His Promises’ at Dinner for 100 Evangelicals

At the White House evangelical dinner Trump's list of promises-kept included protecting religious liberty and reinstatement of the Mexico City policy.
Why Suicide Doesn't Always Lead To Hell

Why Suicide Doesn’t Always Lead to Hell

Those who say suicide automatically leads to hell obviously don’t understand the totality of mental health issues in today’s world, let alone understand the basic theology behind compassion and God’s all-consuming grace.
DNA embryo scientists

Scientists Have Successfully Altered the DNA of a Human Embryo—What’s Next?

We're not to the point of engineering "designer babies," but we are a step closer.
Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

Hope for Families Touched by Suicide

The good news is that in salvation, Christ not only forgives our sin, but He gives us His righteousness! It is Christ’s righteousness that makes us pleasing to God—without which we cannot enter heaven.
Neil Grosuch Donald Trump

Evangelical Leaders Thrilled Over Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

According to Russell Moore, Gorsuch is "a brilliant and articulate defender of Constitutional originalism in the mold of the man he will replace: Justice Antonin Scalia."
A Letter to All Pastors

A Letter to All Pastors

May these bring encouragement and remind us we are all in this ministry life together.

Is It Even Legal for a Pastor to Endorse a Political Candidate? If So,...

This is the long-game we're in and it's not about pushing the easy button, pointing to a candidate or checking a box—it's about discipleship.

Ed Stetzer’s Tweet Just Put the Gorilla Story in Serious Perspective

This tweet by Ed Stetzer puts the gorilla story in serious perspective.

InterVarsity, #BlackLivesMatter, Criticism and Three Suggestions for the Future

"When you wade into conversations on race, conflict and criticism are inevitable."

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United States Returns Balangiga Church Bells at Last

More than 100 years after the United States confiscated the Balangiga bells from a church in the Philippines, the U.S. has finally returned them.

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