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marriage series for singles

4 Reasons We Need a Marriage Series for Singles

The thought of a marriage series for singles might seem odd. Like most Christian single people, I was a huge fan of marriage. But I wasn’t married. I am still indebted to the people in my life who taught me about marriage before I ever entered into it.  
singles events

Churches, Give Your Singles Space to Mingle

Even well-meaning church leaders might be unaware of the pain a lot of Christian singles feel when it comes to finding a potential spouse. The church can step in to create singles events that are just the right balance of intentionality and fluidity.
christian and single

Is Sex Keeping Christian Singles from Marrying Today?

If you are Christian and single, chances are you're struggling with wanting to marry. While some believe the reason Christian singles are delaying marriage is because they're having premarital sex, that perspective oversimplifies a complicated issue.

8 Single Principles for a Singles’ Ministry

Brian Mavis gives some great tips on developing a specialized ministry for the single adults in your church.

How Should We Counsel Singles Longing for Marriage?

"Make sure you’re not longing for marriage more than intimacy with the Lord."

12 Struggles Singles Face

"For all singles, there are 12 struggles that must be faced at different stages and to different degrees."
single Christians

20 Things Christian Singles Never Want to Hear in Church

Life isn't easy for single Christians, especially with phrases like these tossed around on any given Sunday. So let's make a pact to treat single people in the church just like everyone else. You with us?

Is Your Church Hurting Singles?

We strive to be a great home for people in different stages of life, but we’re doing one of these groups a disservice.

Singled Out: Does the Church Ignore Singles?

Our spiritual life is not dependent on our love life. Singleness is just as valuable in God’s eyes as marriage.

The Stuff Christian Singles Hear

Are you a Christian? Are you Single? You've probably heard these lines.

Stuff Christian Singles Hear

A humorous and, perhaps, painfully familiar take on things single Christians might hear on a regular basis.

What Happened to Singles' Ministry?

I read a very interesting article the other night on the ever changing face of singles’ ministry. In the short time I’ve been in ministry I’ve...

How to Serve "The Singles" — Ministry to Unmarried Adults in Your Local Church

by Carolyn McCulley When I was a single woman in my mid-thirties, I invited the elders of my church and their wives to a formal...

Christopher Yuan: Jesus, Not Marriage, Is the Solution for Immaturity

Is marriage better than singleness? As people grow older, is remaining single a sign of their immaturity? Christopher Yuan thinks the biblical answer to these questions is a clear, "No."
Christian Music Albums

Here Are the Top 10 Christian Music Albums from 2019

Here are the top 10 Christian music albums in 2019. Lauren Daigle and the recently released Jesus Is King from Kanye West took the top 3 spots. Check out the rest and see if there are any you missed that came out this year, or just need to re-listen to.
Celebrating the Good Husband: How to Spot One, How to Keep One

Celebrating the Good Husband: How to Spot One, How to Keep One

I want to celebrate the good husband. Plenty of blog posts have challenged selfish husbands (and, admittedly less often, wives). But here are some qualities that make a man a great husband!
being single

Is It OK to Be Single?

In today's society, we emphasize marriage so much that we believe that being single represents a lesser state... that's not true and here's why.
4 Temptations Single People Deal With

4 Temptations Single People Deal With

There are four major temptations for single Christians when it comes to pursuing a potential spouse. Life is not easy for single people, but it gets even harder if you're married to the wrong person. Single Christians, beware of these pitfalls.
digital world is doing to usFive Things We Now Know the Online World Is Doing to Us That Has Never Been Done to Us Before

Five Things We Now Know the Digital World Is Doing to Us That Has...

There are few things more fascinating – and more pressing – to social scientists than to discover what our new digital world is doing to us, particularly the new online world. From an assortment of new surveys and studies, I’ve drawn together five key findings.

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New Conservative Resurgence Seeks to Correct Liberal ‘drift’ in SBC

A partnership of Southern Baptist pastors and laypeople has formed in response to what it considers theologically liberal trends in the SBC. The group is essentially calling for a new conservative resurgence.

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The Slippery Slope of Families Attending Church Less

There is a trend happening in churches. Families are attending church less frequently.  In most cases, families that used to attend twice a month are now attending church once a month. Families that used to come once a month are now only showing up at Christmas and Easter.

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Josh Gagnon: How to Make Your Church Fit Your Community

When it comes to planting a church, says Josh Gagnon, "Models will come and go, but the gospel remains the same.” The question is, how can your church most effectively reach your particular community?