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Tami Heim
Tami, a child of the liberating King; soaked in grace, living to serve, and loving others along the way. She longs for the utter relief of holiness and grateful she's not been left here to get there on my own. Believing whole-heartedly that He qualifies the called, She's accepted this assignment as a digital scribe for such a time as this.

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Videos, Documents Uncovered Showing Patterson’s Coverup of Abusive Pastor

Even after Darrell Gilyard confessed to some claims and resigned from Victory Baptist Church near Dallas in 1991, tapes show Patterson defended Gilyard and spoke about “sins” committed by his accusers, who were “not innocent either.”

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Teaching Your Kids the #1 Thing God Expects of Them

As a parent, your top priority is teaching your kids the one thing God expects of them. There is surprisingly only one characteristic that God prioritizes as a requirement for children –obedient.

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David Kinnaman: Living in a Digital Babylon (What You Need to...

Barna president David Kinnaman says, “We’re becoming more post-Christian by a lot of measures." This week on our podcast, David shares why, even though our culture is becoming increasingly secular, he is optimistic about the faith of the next generation.