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Matthew Starner is the Director of Worship & Arts at Journey of Faith in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a young church committed to reaching the unchurched and dechurched in the community, creativity and innovation are a must. He is committed to helping other churches realize their potential and become powerful forces for God's Kingdom.

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Trump’s India Visit Unintentionally Placed Spotlight on Religious Persecution

Although it wasn’t intentional, Trump’s visit has placed a spotlight on the growing violence religious minorities, including Indian Christians, experience in that country.

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God’s Extraordinary Work in the Ordinary Family

The book of Ruth has massive implications for how we live our lives in our ordinary families. It should be enough for us to live faithful and ordinary lives in our families and leave any extraordinary results to Him.

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Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson: Being at Peace with the Mystery...

"It’s time for [church leaders] to go on a journey of renewal," say Alan Hirsch and Mark Nelson. This journey requires us to refuse to simplify our faith...and to be comfortable having more questions than answers.