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Mars Hill Church to Dissolve, Each Regional Location to Become Autonomous

Each of the regional congregations of Seattle-based Mars Hill Church will decide whether to go independent, merge with another church or disband altogether.

Tim Cook and Being Sexually Proud

"Jesus leaves us no wiggle room on this 'Who must we love?' question."

10 Things Only Missionary Kids Will Understand

Because there are some things only missionary kids can understand when they come back to the U.S. on furlough.

"I Stand Sunday" Rally in Houston Focuses on Religious Freedom; Thousands Expected to Attend

The event will be simulcast nationally from Grace Community Church in Houston and was prompted by the mayor's recent demands on local pastors.

18 Kids You Should Probably Kick Out of the Church Harvest Festival

A lot of people hate Halloween. Here are 18 reasons why.

Houston Mayor's Office Flooded With Bibles After Sermon Subpoenas

Between 500 and 1,000 Bibles have arrived at Mayor Annise Parker's office in protest of the City of Houston's subpoenas of local pastors' sermons.

"Son of God" Creators to Raise $25M for Christians Displaced by ISIS in Iraq,...

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey have established The Cradle of Christianity Fund to provide shelter and resources to refugees as winter approaches.

Hobby Lobby Donates 14.5 Acres to Charles Jenkins Project to Build New Campus for...

The arts-and-crafts giant purchased the land for the creation of a campus/community center especially for the local needy and underserved.

Actor Shia LaBeouf: "I Found God Doing 'Fury,'" Says Brad Pitt Helped Him Come...

In an interview about his new film, the troubled actor said that he is now "a Christian man ... in a very real way."
hilarious church signs

24 Hilarious Church Signs That Probably Got the Sign Guy Fired

These hilarious church signs are sure to make you laugh! Did your church make the list? Be thankful if it didn't!

"I'm Dying Too, Brittany": A Pastor's Wife Responds to Brittany Maynard

Terminally ill author and mother-of-four Kara Tippetts writes a powerful letter to Maynard, a 29-year-old brain cancer patient who has scheduled her own doctor-assisted suicide for November 1.
church kid

10 Signs You Grew Up in Church During the 80s & 90s

Being a church kid in the 80s and 90s definitely gave you some distinct experiences. If you grew up in church during those decades, well, this list is like a walk down church memory lane!

Session 4 Recap: Robert Madu #Catalyst14

Watch the Daily Buzz for more great moments from Catalyst 2014.

Tim Keller on Dealing with Sin #Catalyst14 Session 3

Watch the Daily Buzz for more great moments from Catalyst 2014.
Christine Caine is one of the leading female Christian ministers today. Her inspirational story and teaching continue to challenge thousands of people. These incredible quotes from Christine Caine will inspire your faith and challenge you to a deeper walk with God. #ChristineCainequotes #ChristineCainequotespurpose #ChristineCainequotesinspiration #purpose #inspiration #Christianinspiration #leadingwomen #leadership #leaders #ChristineCaineunexpected

19 Incredible Quotes from Christine Caine

These incredible quotes from Christine Caine will inspire your faith and challenge you to a deeper walk with God.

15 Quotes from Andy Stanley #Catalyst14 Opening Session

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crazy church laws

10 Crazy Church Laws from the Past That Would Never Fly Today

Yep, these were actual crazy church laws that could've gotten you arrested or fined in the past! Hmm, what would happen if these laws were revived today?

"The Song" Hits Theaters Today

Our recommendation: Go see "The Song"!

When This Adulterous Wife Texts Her Husband, “Can I Come Home?” You'll Have No...

She grew up believing love was a weakness and clung to that lie even after marrying a godly man. Watch how God destroyed her life to make it beautiful again.

16 Signs You Listened to TOO MUCH Christian Music in the 90s

If you listened to a lot of Christian music during the 1990s, may this be a sweet, embarrassing walk down memory lane.

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Study Shows How ‘COVID-19 World’ Impacts Bible Engagement…and It’s Not Good

Research from Barna and the American Bible Society for the "State of the Bible 2020” has found that Americans’ engagement with Scripture has suffered significantly over the course of the pandemic.

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Matt and Laurie Krieg: This Is How God Saved Our (Mixed-Orientation)...

Both Matt and Laurie Krieg are primarily attracted to women. Yet God has used their "impossible marriage" to display the power and beauty of his love for us.