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Free Resources for Outreach & Missions

Free Outreach Booklet: Christmas Begins with Christ

Download and share with your church and community this holiday season.

Free Article: Nine Game-Changers for Global Missions

Nine trends that could shape the future of missions.

Free Video Download: North Korean Testimony

An inspiring and emotional testimony from a young North Korean student.

Free Outreach Article: Planning Holiday Outreaches

"During the Christmas season, Jesus-followers have a unique opportunity to connect God’s heart and the multitudes of hurting people in our community."

Free Training Article: Community Targeting

"How do you establish visibility and presence in a community in a way that meets real needs and creates a buzz?"

Free Video Download: What Could Happen?

A humorous look at our fears of inviting a friend to church.

Free Article: Creating a Culture of Generosity During an Economic Downturn

"Difficult times create an entirely new environment for ministry, and extraordinary opportunities to demonstrate the power of generous living."

Free Video Download: God's Global Urban Mission

"The gospel will reach urban areas only by churches that are contextualized for an urban environment and through citywide gospel movements."

Free eBook: Skeptics Who Demanded a Verdict

Read how three skeptics - Chuck Colson, C.S. Lewis, and Josh McDowell - came to faith in Jesus Christ.

Free Campaign Pass: 40 Days of Community

"We were never meant to live out God’s purposes in solitude."

Free Creation Care Idea Guide

Practical environmental stewardship tips for your church community.

Free eBook: Christianity, Hoax or History? by Josh McDowell

"No one has made a more permanent impression on history than Jesus Christ. Why?"

Free Resource: Multicultural Teams in Church Planting, by Ed Stetzer

"When God created the world, He pronounced it good. This proclamation allows us to celebrate the diversity of God's creation in cultures."

Free Book Chapter: A World of Difference, by Kenneth Samples

"The Christian worldview highly values logic and rationality, which find their source and ground in God."

Free Resource: Culturally Relevant Ministry in Postmodern World, by Ed Stetzer

"Postmoderns do not fit in a nice little cultural box, but they need to be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Free Discussion Guide: Speaking of Jesus

How to tell your friends the best news they will ever hear.

Church Was Built on ‘Lies, Deceit, Abuse, Rape, and Fear’: Another...

Jessi Kline posted a statement on Facebook claiming that one of John Lowe II’s relatives, Jeremy, raped her when he babysat for her and her brother when they were “young, prepubescent children.”

Free Resources for Outreach & Missions