Christians Care About All Suffering: Interview with John Piper in South Africa

Here is a short interview with John Piper from the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization. Pastor John shares a little from his exposition...

Social Proof

I bought the book over two years ago, but I’m just know getting around to reading it. The following is an excerpt from The...

10 Ways to Wake Up Your Church

My friends at SermonCentral.com refreshed an article that Tim and I wrote several years ago. It includes a list of 10 ways to wake...

7 Essentials for Personal Success in Today’s World

In case you haven’t been keeping up, the world has changed. To be successful today in any profession takes new tools and skills....

5 Ways We Will Stop the Haiti Cholera Outbreak…Together!

I am writing this quickly, but have thought it through and talked with people on the ground in Haiti and here in the...

10 Growth Questions for Leaders

"Am I reading my Bible for information or transformation?" asks Perry Noble.

Satanist Event Parodies Catholics

Satan-worshippers in Oklahoma City patterned a public ritual after a Catholic exorcism.

Free Sermon Series Package: Seismic Shifts

"Small changes can transform our faith, hearts, relationships, personal habits, finances, and even the world in which we live."

Piper on Evangelism and Social Justice

From Lausanne, John Piper is interviewed by Pastor Steve Chong on evangelism and social justice.

7 Hints for Working with Busy Leaders

Here are a few hints to help make your interaction with busy leaders count.

God’s Timing and Church Programs

If you’re struggling to get a program going, don’t despair. Keep praying, keep hoping, keep dreaming.

3 Lies We Use to Excuse Disobedience

One of the biggest lies we can tell ourselves is “someday.”

Love Is Impatient, Love Is Kind

Impatience without self-control is always bad. But there is a time when impatience can be a sweet expression of love. Judges 10:10-16 And the people of...

Seven Verses To Look At Regarding Your Marriage!

Earlier this week I asked our church to read through Philippians 2:1-11 every morning and pray two things… Jesus, let me see the areas I...

People Matter

Brian launched a new series at West Ridge yesterday called Identity. It’s a vision series that will walk through our core values as a...

Free Evangelism Resource: Discover Your Evangelism Style

Learn to share your story without fitting a mold that isn't you.

Gender and Translation

Much of the confusion related to gender accurate language arises from a misunderstanding of what gender means.

What You Complain About is What You're Gifted At

It doesn't take a gift survey to figure out how you're wired. Just look at what drives you crazy, what bothers you. The...

One Way to Avoid Vain Repetition

In chapter nine of When I Don't Desire God, John Piper introduces a memorable and helpful acronym for what to pray before...

Os Guinness: How ‘Signals of Transcendence’ Lead People To Seek the...

Dr. Os Guinness joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss how God uses “signals” like love, justice, joy, and beauty to break into our lives and draw us to himself.