Four Questions Leaders Should Ask Themselves

My counselor told me of a study that was performed in 2007 of people in the ministry…he said that 90% of the people entering...

Spreading Your Message Online

I saw an article in this month’s issue of Fast Company about a recent study completed by SocialTwist. Using widgets built into referral messages, they...

The Balance of Grace and Truth

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who...

Church in Politics Turns Off Millennials

Conservative politics in organized religion is driving away young adults, a new book says.

Free Mobile App: HootSuite for iPhone & Android

Organize your church's Twitter accounts for more effective ministry.

10 Power Principles on Church Strategy

Will Mancini offers ten tips for building an effective church strategy.

The Three Hardest Words to Get Right

We are enslaved to self-love, which makes the gospel "bad news" before it is "good news."

Free Resource: Advent 2010 Calendar

Prepare the way of the Lord as you guide your congregation through the Christmas season.

Job Market for Pastors Difficult

Pastors and church leaders searching for jobs may find the going a little rough these days.

New Stats on Pornography

There are over 420 million pornographic pages on the Internet.

5 Ways to Make Your Illustrations SHARP

Learn to use illustrations in a way that connects to a person’s heart.

Stop Making Goals for the Future

I used to be a 5-year-plan type of guy. Now I think I’m more of a 5-day-plan type of guy.

5 Social Media Rules for Leaders

One of the most prevalent temptations among those who use social media is narcissism.

How to Create Engaging Conclusions

Sermons should always have a planned destination.

Cultivate Your Creative Leaders

Blaine Hogan: If you want to grow the mystery of Christ in your church, foster mystery with your staff.

Just What Is Pulpit Plagiarism?

If I modify the language of a Spurgeon sermon and preach it without citation, is that plagiarism?

Invest in Your Wannabe Leaders

We want people as finished products but the core of spiritual leadership is about cultivating human potential.

Free eBook: Unleashing the Ideavirus, by Seth Godin

Discover ways you can share influential ideas with your church.

Mark Driscoll on Humility

Mark Driscoll shares his thoughts on church planting and humility.

In Excess

God calls us to live simple, balanced lives that are consumed with His glory, not ours.

Rebecca McLaughlin on Whether Christians Can Agree To Disagree About Same-Sex...

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how church leaders can respond to common arguments that use the Bible to affirm same-sex relationships, the “why” behind God’s design for marriage, and the “beautiful and glorious vision” Christianity has for friendship.