The "What If" Challenge

Donald Miller talks at Catalyst West and puts a challenge on his blog to change the world.

Millennials Not Too Worried About Environment

Most young adults care about the environment, but they're not fanatical about it.

Snuggle Up With Failure

"If you have no room for error, then you have no room for dreams," says Mike Foster.

Furtick Preaches 24 Hours Straight

Pastor Steven Furtick releases his new book with an "epic" preaching marathon.

Free Download: 10 Commandments

Download this video for free

College Cancels "Pornographers" Concert

A Christian college cancels a concert over the name of the featured band, The New Pornographers.

Free Video: 10 Commandments

This animated video lists all ten commandments with engaging graphics.

How I Almost Quit

"Beware of giving up too soon. Our emotions are not reliable guides," says John Piper.

5 Provocative Leadership Points

When God is involved, change is always a good thing.

When Leaders Fall: Ted Haggard vs. Tiger Woods

How should we respond to fallen church leaders? Share your thoughts.

Atlanta Pastor Denies Sex Allegations

Pastor Eddie Long "categorically" denies allegations that he coerced two men for sex.

Free Book Chapter: Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller

"I used to not like God because God didn't resolve. But that was before any of this happened."

The Gracious Rescue of Surprise

When you scan the biblical story you can’t help concluding that following God brings a life of surprises. Whatever plans God’s ...

Viewers Want More News on Religion

41% of Americans say there is not enough news coverage of religious and spiritual issues.

Losing my Religion ('s Influence)

How is "religion" faring in America? A new study by Pew Research shows that two-thirds (67%) believe religion is losing influence. This is...


Where in the world did we ever get the idea that God wants us to play it safe? Seriously…we say we’re followers of Jesus…and His...

Small-Church Pastors on Transformation

Ed Stetzer, Thom Rainer and others discuss transformational small churches.

6 Leadership Mistakes I’ve Made

Perry Noble confesses his leadership mistakes so you won't have to make them yourself.

C.S. Lewis Bible Releases in October

A Bible featuring the writings of famed author C. S. Lewis will be released by Harper One this fall.

A Preacher and His Notes

Should you write out your sermon, use an outline or something in between?

Gwen Shamblin Lara’s Son Addresses Child Abuse Death of Boy Whose...

In the final installment of Michael Shamblin's interview with investigative reporter Phil Williams, Shamblin discussed the child abuse death of Josef Smith and said that Remnant Fellowship Church needs to acknowledge the harm it has done.

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 2: How To Embrace God’s...

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin wrap up their conversation on “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast,” offering pastors ways to help guard against the misuse of power in ministry and encouraging them to persevere.