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Is Obedience Possible?

What if obedience to God didn't have to be like swimming upstream?

Four Sure-fire Ways to Discourage Other Leaders

Part 2 of the "Gospel" of Discouragement: how to put your "faith" into practice

The Gospel of Discouragement

In an upside-down world, we sometimes fall prey to the "bad news" of discouragement.

7 Ways to Offer True Forgiveness

Move beyond feelings with these seven practical steps to make forgiveness effective in your life.

A Theology for Building a Pastoral Staff

How seeking diversity on your staff strengthens your church.

Overcoming Worry

Was Jesus serious when he told us not to worry? Did he live in the same world we live in?

Discovering the Power of Solitude and Silence

"The needy voice of the stomach, the vain voice of the body, and the greedy voice of the eyes must be silenced."

11 Ways You Can Serve the People You Lead

Perry Noble shares helpful ideas for becoming a stronger servant-leader.

How to Overcome Resistance to Change

Both church name changes and switching bathroom soaps can face an eerily similar uphill battle over the status quo.

10 Tips for Creating a Culture of Generosity

Kick-start a new vision for your giving in 2011.

Is Leadership Un-Biblical?

Do we need to find a new word for what it really means to "lead" in the church?

What Is a Missional Community?

Cutting through the buzz words to heart of our mission from God

Doubt: God's Hook

Sarah Cunningham suggests, "Without doubt to push through, it's just facts and knowledge."

How John Q. Thief Stole the Show

Ever feel like a "John Q." in a sea of faces? Here's some good news for you.

14 Ways to Help Unborn Babies

Randy Alcorn offers practical ideas to help those in need.

3 Course Corrections for Your Spiritual Journey

"Sometimes, getting off course is a slow journey rather than a quick jump 800 miles off track."

Is the Demographic Shift Part of Your Strategy?

Phil Cooke offers three ideas to help leaders engage culture better.

Paul's Worst Church: Our Best Model?

Six things we can learn from the church at Corinth.

10 Reasons to Get Up Early

Pastor-coach Scott Hodge finally had to admit the benefits of "up-and-at-'em."

11 Vision and Strategy Trends for the Future

"Small will continue to be the new big," says Will Mancini.

YouTube Labels John MacArthur’s Latest Sermon ‘Hate Speech’

Journalist and author Todd Starnes revealed on Wednesday that YouTube has flagged John MacArthur’s sermon from this past Sunday at Grace Community Church regarding biblical sexuality as "Hate Speech."

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Pastor How To's