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Pastor How To's

4 Leadership Checkpoints

Perry Noble challenges leaders to follow God one step at a time.

Why I Shrug Off Public Criticism

Shaun King gives four reasons why he doesn't waste time on his public critics.

You're Fat!

Perry Noble discusses the battle between our past and the present: "If you don’t let your past die, then it won’t let you live!"

Equipping the Body’s Better Half

How much more impact could your church have in 2011 if both men and women were empowered to lead?

False Gods, False Benefits

The Israelites turned from God to idols out of covetousness and fear. We do it for the same reasons.

The Difference Between Boundaries and Control

How can a pastor lead if a church is structured to control the pastor?

How to Start Multiple Services in Your Church

Eight practical and effective steps to establishing a second (or third) service at your church.

Fewer Leaders, Please

Bill Kinnon suggests the church doesn't need more leaders. Our need is something deeper.

Championing the Church

It is time for the church to recognize that we have been invited into the mission of God.

Why Your Church Doesn't Need More Members

Our job is not done when the chairs are full; there's a difference between making disciples and making church members.

10 Common Budget Mistakes

Consider the following list of most common budget preparation errors.

Why Big Churches Keep Getting Bigger

Tony Morgan: The megachurch today is not the same megachurch it was ten years ago.

5 Ministry Mistakes You Can Avoid

Eugene Cho: Vision and projects may perish. People don’t. Learn how to value people.

7 Ways to Inspire Generosity

What can you do to help encourage generosity in the face of downward giving trends?

Giving Up On a New Church Plant

Is there ever a "good time" to quit?

6 Misconceptions about Homosexuality

Face it, if you’re like most Christians, you’re really puzzled by homosexuality.

7 Qualities of Prevailing Churches

Shannon O'Dell shares seven characteristics of growing churches.

10 Keys to a Smart Staffing Strategy

Tony Morgan: You have to get the "right" people in the "right" roles.

The Power In One Leadership Question

Servant leadership is essentially about equipping and empowering. Not scrubbing toilets.

How to Get It Done

It starts with realizing your church is NOT limited.

YouTube Labels John MacArthur’s Latest Sermon ‘Hate Speech’

Journalist and author Todd Starnes revealed on Wednesday that YouTube has flagged John MacArthur’s sermon from this past Sunday at Grace Community Church regarding biblical sexuality as "Hate Speech."

Jackie Hill Perry: Why We Have the Wrong Idea About God’s...

Jackie Hill Perry joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share why the holiness of God is far more beautiful than we often think it is.

Pastor How To's