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Leading Small Group Leaders

Leadership Strength: the Four Domains

Thoughts on the "Strengths movement" made popular by Marcus Buckingham.

Spiritual Vitality Linked to "Feeling Loved"

Compelling survey results reveal truths about healthy small groups.

Something You Could Give Your Life To

Doing, achieving, and performing vs. being, resting, and abiding.

Josh Walters on Seacoast’s Missional Community Strategy

Interview about why Seacoast is focusing groups on mission

Leaders Lurk Where You're Not Looking

Your best future leaders may not be the usual suspects.

Great Q & A About Multiplying Groups

Brian Hofmeister discusses this important subject.

Testing Your Leadership: People vs. Programs

Are you investing in relationships or programs?

An Open Letter to Older Leaders

Great thoughts from a young leader seeking to honor and challenge previous generations

Being Busy Doesn't Make You Fulfilled

Don't confuse being around people with having meaningful relationships.

Become God's Best Marketing Strategy

We are God's best marketing strategy when our hearts look first to the interests of others.

Did You Do Life Together Last Week?

Maybe our ideas about what qualifies as a "small group meeting" need to be reexamined.

Small Groups: Some Assembly Required

God’s intent for us is to become spiritually mature, and in order to do that, we need to be connected to other people.

Free Small Group Study: Luke 17:11-19

Need a study between studies? This one is free and great!

What’s Your Connection Quotient?

How "sticky" is your group? Take this two-part test to see how well your group connects with new people.

Normality is Not Normal

Heather Zempel reminds us that community only happens when we take off our masks.

This Ain't FedEx

Discipleship is not a short process; change happens slowly.

Decision Paralysis

Discipleship strategies that try to be all things to all people leave people confused and paralyzed.

"Touch" Your Small Group This Christmas

Ron Wilbur of Saddleback Church encourages group leaders to make sure no one falls through the cracks this Christmas.

Don't Discard Anyone

It's easy to write people off. Don't do it! Group leaders need care to succeed.

Os Guinness: How ‘Signals of Transcendence’ Lead People To Seek the...

Dr. Os Guinness joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss how God uses “signals” like love, justice, joy, and beauty to break into our lives and draw us to himself. 

Leading Small Group Leaders