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Trained for What?

By Michael Sove Leading a cell is far more than opening your home or showing up at someone else’s and facilitating a lesson.  Leading...

Now Is the Time To Think About What’s Next

Here’s reality.  The best way to sustain the momentum of what you are about to do…is to be ready for the turn at...

Training to Evangelize

by Mario Vega As I shared on an earlier blog,  the leader is a Christian who shares his faith with a small group of...

Review: Real Life Discipleship Training Manual

Looking for a way to equip disciples who make disciples?  You may want to take a look at the real life discipleship training manual,...

Can All Cell Leaders Be Coaches?

Joel Comiskey shares the advantages of using coaches to care for cell leaders.

Free Book Chapter: Simple Small Groups, by Bill Search

Discover three patterns for building a healthy small group.

Engage Timid Learners in Your Group

Help your shy group members participate comfortably.

Pastors Drive Me Nuts

I’m going to say something that might make some of you angry today, but I just have to say it:  Some pastors drive me...

Training For a Task

Jeff Tunnell Training should have an end in mind at the onset.  Training is task oriented. It would  be pointless to have a soccer...

The Why Behind the Way of Your Small Group Ministry Strategy

We all have reasons for the way we’ve designed our small group ministries.  You use a particular strategy or system for a...

Americans' Social Circle Decreasing

In spite of Facebook and Twitter, the size of the average American's social circle is smaller today than 20 years ago.

The Naked Truth – Part 1

Randall Neighbor says small groups are for producers not consumers.

Benefits of Ministry Equipping

by Steve Cordle Virtually every believer knows that after his resurrection, Jesus commissioned his followers, saying, “Go into all the world and...

No Matter The Odds

There’s a cool story in 2 Chronicles 13.  The two main players are Abijah and Jeroboam. The Hebrew people had recently split their...

The Last 10% Leads to a Church OF Groups

"We are committed,” he said.  It is time and this is the year that we become a church of groups.  Being a church with...

10 Fantasies of Churches With Small Groups

Find out what fantasies keep churches from growing their small group ministry.

You Can Join a Growth Group

The latest hit music video from North Coast Church's Park 'N Ride Posse.

Growth Group Testimony

Use this video to encourage your small group leaders and remind them of their impact on others.

Collateral Damage

Any time leaders change something significant in their churches there is collateral damage; someone is going to get upset and possibly leave ...

Differences Between Training and Education

I love learning. God wants all of us to become life-time learners. I believe God desires that we sharpen our brains through...

9-Year-Old Hero Evelyn Dieckhaus Tried To Warn Covenant School Classmates Before...

It has been reported that Evelyn Dieckhaus was desperately trying to pull the fire alarm to warn her classmates and teachers of the terrifying rampage the Nashville shooter was about to unleash on the Covenant School.

Sean Nemecek on the ‘Long, Slow Slide’ Into Burnout and How...

Sean Nemecek joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss the warning signs that church leaders are burning out, how they can become healthy again, and the steps they can take to avoid burnout in the first place.

Small Group Leaders