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Worship & Creative How To's

Shaping a Great Idea into Reality

Charles Lee offers practical solutions for making ideas happen.

7 Things Creative Leaders Can Learn from Hemingway

Here are seven things Hemingway did that helped him produce amazing work.

Don Miller: 4 Tips for Editing Your Life

Because relationships with good life editors are gold.

Taking Flight: Creating Team Synergy

Synergy is the humbling, koinonia spirit of a team achievement that would be impossible if attempted by any one person.

5 Brainstorming Tips for Creative Teams

What's your worship team plan for 2011?

Equipping the Body’s Better Half

How much more impact could your church have in 2011 if both men and women were empowered to lead?

What Not to Resolve

Temper your big worship dreams by getting a firm grip on what you won't do.

7 Ways to Make Resolutions Stick

What is the secret to a successful new you in 2011?

When Average Is Great (Stay on Melody, Please)

Resist the urge to break off of the melody.

Writing for Congregations: 7 Tips

Modern hymn writer Keith Getty covers the fundamentals of writing for worshipers. Some of the 'pillars' may surprise you.

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Worship Leading

Some advice for the "poor wounded souls" known as worship leaders.

Transformation by the Inch

Set backs, slip-ups, trials by fire...Count it all joy? Yes!

4 Lessons for Managing Creatives

Creative people are a breed apart. If you're going to manage them, you need to deal with them differently.

5 Communication Skills for Leaders

We can’t all be experts on technology, but these basic skills can help you make an impact.

Advent: Expecting Something Else

How often do we miss what we are looking for because it doesn't look like what we are looking for?

The Pursuit of Fitness: A Worship Leader’s Playbook

Four essentials for effective leadership...on the platform and in life

What's Covered Under Your Blanket License?

A step-by-step run down of the copyright coverage most churches need

Music That Encourages Participation

Curt Coffield offers his best advice on encouraging your congregation to engage fully in worship.

Contract It Out: A Welcomed Practice

Seeking creative help outside the church can make the difference between excelling and settling for less.

Why They're Not Singing with You

What to do when you realize you're worshipping alone.

Co-Founder of Satanic Church in South Africa Leaves Satanism After Encountering...

One of the co-founders of the South African Satanic Church has cut all ties with the organization after having a personal encounter with Jesus. Riaan Swiegelaar shared his reasons for leaving Satanism in a July 4 Facebook video.

Laura Lewis: What Women Who Have Had Abortions Need From Your...

Dr. Laura Lewis joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the needs of women who have had abortions and how churches can help.

Worship & Creative How To's