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Worship & Creative How To's

6 Tips for Leading Small Group Worship

Worship artist Brenton Brown offers tips for those leading worship in small groups.

Is Singing as Important as Praying?

Most understand that talking to God is an important activity. Is singing to God just as important?

Worship in the Big Flea Market

When people come to our "booth," we'd better have Someone different to offer.

Worship Response: Yes and Amen

Our worship response is an echo of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

Responding to Your Creatives

Creative expert Phil Cooke explains how creative people best receive your feedback.

Repetition in Worship

Why repeat the same chorus over and over? The Bible provides insight.

Q & A: Community on the Worship Team

Saddleback's Rick Muchow talks about how he fosters community on his team.

Becoming a Better Electric Guitarist

Bob Kauflin interviews a leading electric guitarist for his thoughts on playing better.

Designing the Experience

A good worship planning process should bring about powerful encounters with God.

Should Worship Bring Us Joy?

Glenn Packiam asks, "Do we worship because it brings us joy? Should we?"

Q & A: Using Lead Sheets and Sheet Music

Saddleback's Rick Muchow offers advice on using both lead sheets and sheet music with worship musicians.

Walkdowns in Worship

Paul Baloche instructs bass players in one of the most commonly used devices in worship music.

14 Things Every Media Director Needs to Know

Veteran media professional Phil Cooke offers his best advice to leaders in church media ministries.

Excellence as a Means, Not the End

Worship leader Ron Man challenges us to pursue excellence but keep our focus on God.

Worship Transitions and Change

Help with the change process in the worship ministry.

Q & A: Enough Rehearsal? Too Much?

Rick Muchow advises on how to rehearse enough without burning people out (including you!).

4 Missing Words in Today's Worship

Doug Lawrence uncovers the top four words that are missing in our worship services today.

How to Cue the Congregation in Worship

Advice on how to help the congregation sing and follow your worship team.

5 Media Skills for Leaders

See how your skill set measures up and where you can add to your repertoire.

Narrowing the Worship Gap

There may be a gap between how you expect your congregation to respond in worship and what actually occurs.

Co-Founder of Satanic Church in South Africa Leaves Satanism After Encountering...

One of the co-founders of the South African Satanic Church has cut all ties with the organization after having a personal encounter with Jesus. Riaan Swiegelaar shared his reasons for leaving Satanism in a July 4 Facebook video.

Laura Lewis: What Women Who Have Had Abortions Need From Your...

Dr. Laura Lewis joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about the needs of women who have had abortions and how churches can help.

Worship & Creative How To's