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Youth Leader How To's

How to Handle Teen Pregnancy in Youth Group

Teen pregnancy is a difficult situation for all involved. Rachel Blom shares 9 practical things you must do.

How to Capture Your Audience's Attention

There are some things you can do in advance, to ensure you’ll keep your audience hooked.

Media-Saturated Kids

Are teens really as media-saturated as we believe?

How to Add Confidence in Your Leadership

There is a big difference between being cocky and being confident.

3 Ways to Close the Backdoor in Youth Ministry

What can we do about students we only see at special events?

How to Deal With Your Own Mistakes

Do you find it hard to forgive yourself for your mistakes? Do you deal with them in a way that honors God?

How to Know If You're Jealous

What are you feeling: full-blown jealousy or just a fleeting emotion?

How to Bridge the Gap Between Youth Group and Big Church

Kurt Johnston shares a few practical ways he has attempted to shorten the gap... and the bridge.

How Churches Can Help Graduating Seniors

Many teens don't understand how a deep understanding of the gospel ought to inform their life choices and career goals.

The Problem With Youth Talks

Are your youth talks effective every time? Rick Lawrence offers practical advice.

10 Ideas to Help You With Ministry Discouragement

"When you say yes to ministry, you also say yes to periods of discouragement."

7 Tips to Help You Know When to Leave

Jim Wideman offers help with knowing when to leave a ministry.

How to Effectively Equip Your Students to Serve

Doug Fields shares insights on how you can help students become better servants!

5 Easy Ways to Encourage Volunteers

Volunteers rarely get thanked enough for what they do. Read these 5 quick tips on how to encourage them.

How to Affirm Students in Your Youth Group

What are your students hearing from your ministry?

13 Ways to Help New Volunteers Plug In

Chris Folmsbee crafts a helpful list of ways to connect your new volunteers to your ministry.

5 Tips for Protecting Yourself in Ministry

Doug Fields shares advice on how to keep yourself from failing in ministry.

3 Ways to Prevent Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

There’s plenty of work left to do when it comes to teens’ use of drugs and alcohol.

How to Run a "MacGyver" Youth Ministry

Sometimes the simplest of things can provide you with opportunities to engage students.

6 Tips to Help You Deal with Stress or Depression

Do you battle with stress or depression? Are you being proactive in handling it?

Is the Rapture Really in the Bible? Why Skye Jethani Says,...

Author, speaker, and “Holy Post” cohost Skye Jethani believes the idea of the rapture is not actually in the Bible. Jethani laid out his argument in a recent video, addressing Matthew 24 and 1 Thessalonians 4 in particular.

Kyle Strobel and Jamin Goggin, Part 1: Why the Church’s Problem...

Dr. Kyle Strobel and Dr. Jamin Goggin join “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to discuss what God has taught them about his way to power and why every ministry leader must wrestle with what their view of power actually is.

Youth Leader How To's