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Umbrella Beach

Owl City's latest song encourages you to follow your dreams.

Life Before the Internet

Was there really life before the internet? Watch this hilarious conversation from the Today Show.

Song of Solomon Pick Up Lines

Who knew that the Bible could offer some of the best pick up lines?

Trick Play

Quite possibly the most brilliant play in sports history.

A Thousand Questions

This compelling video calls Christians to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.


Youth Workers are famous for their lock-ins. Here's a music video to promote your next one!

Next Generation Christians

Gabe Lyons shares insights into the struggles and passions of "Next Generation Christians"


Your parents won't feel quite as bad about their "Timmy" after watching this video.

Trust Fall

You've probably done a "trust fall" or two in your student ministry. Here's a video to bring meaning to that illustration.

Cats Playing Patty-Cake

This video is so entertaining and would make a great pre-service clip for your student ministry event.

Pew Shuffle

This music video is a great bumper to kick off your youth or college service.

Small Group (iGroup) Promo

This is a cool video that you could use to promote your small groups.

Pre-Blessed Food

This video satire about pre-blessed food shows us just how easy we like to have things given to us.

Tedashii – Make War

[Music Video] We make war against sin every day until Christ takes us home.

Awareness Test

It's easy to overlook something if you aren't paying close attention. Give your students this test.

How to Start a Movement

It only takes one person to start a movement. This video will teach you how its done.

For Your Health, Santa

Santa needs an intervention and we have a music [rap] video to address our concerns.

Social Network Christmas

This creative video looks at the Advent story through the social networking culture of today.

The Nativity with Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean makes the nativity come to life.

Linus Christmas Monologue

Everyone loves "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Sharing Linus' monologue with your group will be a hit!

Senate To Vote on Landmark Bill To Protect Same-Sex Marriage

The Senate is set to vote Tuesday on legislation to protect same-sex marriages and interracial marriages, putting Congress one step closer to passing the landmark bill and ensuring that such unions are enshrined in federal law.

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

Youth Leader Videos