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Youth Leader Videos

Amazing Advertising

Wait until the 25 second mark -- you'll be amazed!

Lecrae: Don’t Waste Your Life

Biblical principles explaining the importance of living every second for Christ.

Nick Vujicic: Something More

Born without limbs, motivational speaker Nick Vujicic knows God has "something more" planned for all of us.

When I Became a Man

Spoken word video that inspires men to put the games away, and become powerful men of God.

Cultivating a New Generation of Church Leaders

How can we empower young people to lead within the church?

Leonard Sweet: Church Leaders, God Has Given You This Moment—Don’t Miss...

Dr. Leonard Sweet joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what our current cultural “volcanoes” mean for the church and why he sees hope amid the chaos.

Youth Leader Videos