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Characteristics of Middle Schoolers: 3 Things You Need to Know

3. Middle schoolers have WORRIES.

As with some characteristics of middle schoolers, kids might not ever show their anxieties. They feel so big and grownup going into middle school, but kids have insecurities. Because they’re forgetful, they worry they’ll misplace something important. They worry if they’ll have a best friend. They worry if people will like them or like what they’re wearing. Plus, they worry about silly things sometimes.

Often middle school kids mirror the emotions of their peers. They worry about what their friends worry about. Your child may not be going through anything in particular. But they will think their world is crashing in because their best friend’s world is actually crashing in.

Remember: Kids just want a safe place to belong and feel connected. Middle school friendships are fickle. So let home be a place where they experience unconditional love and acceptance regardless of what’s happening. Help kids find a small group of peers and trusted adults who will do the same.

This is an adventure. And helping your child with a solution that works today might not work tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean we stop trying to help our kids. We’re not raising middle school students. We’re raising adults and want to see them succeed in this world.

These are only three characteristics of middle schoolers. What would you add to this list? And how do you help kids cope with common characteristics of middle schoolers?