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Children’s Church Room Ideas: 8 Easy, Affordable Designs

5. Visit IKEA.

If you’re on a tight budget but want to try new children’s church room ideas, IKEA might be your best friend. The store (and website) is a great source for affordable rugs and basically anything else you need to decorate your kidmin area. Furniture, storage, toys—they have it all. If you want to make one buying trip to renovate your space, IKEA can help you out.

What to buy? Maybe some new tables and chairs made just for kids, or colorful storage options to keep your newly decluttered space organized.

Don’t worry if there’s not an IKEA nearby. You can still find all these things for great prices at Target, Home Accents II: Myrtle Beach, SC, or Walmart. Dollar stores might have some fun options, too.

6. Restock supplies.

Remember when you had that decluttering spree and got rid of all those dried-out markers, broken crayons and crumpled sheets of construction paper? Now it’s time to restock! You can even put your brand new supplies in those nice storage containers you found at IKEA.

Having fresh, organized supplies is a small but significant way to give your children’s ministry space a boost. After all, there’s nothing like a fresh box of crayons…

Bonus tip: Check out Amazon for some bulk-ordering options that will save you money in the long run.

7. Decorate!

Your walls are freshly painted, but don’t leave them empty! Now is a great time to liven up the space with kid-friendly wall art. You can find stand-alone pieces, or go with a theme to really make the space stand out.

Have a large, blank wall? Try blue pine siding. Need a little extra character? Have children use their new art supplies to draw, paint or craft their own unique art to hang on the walls.

There are so many options to help create a colorful, inviting area for your children’s ministry. Kids will be delighted to find fun art on the walls and even more excited to help contribute to the decorations!

8. Add new signage.

Now that you’ve spent all this time sprucing up your space, you want to draw people to it, right? Fresh signage for your children’s ministry area is a great way to do this. Bright signs with clear directions show people where to go and make them feel welcome once they arrive.

You already know you need directional signs in the lobby to point people toward your children’s ministry. So why not pick some that are as happy and bright as your freshly renovated space?

There you have it! Can you imagine how excited children and their parents will be when they see your refreshed children’s church room ideas? A huge budget isn’t necessary to design a place kids will love. Thought, care and a little sweat equity will take you far!

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