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Jesus Calms the Storm Lesson: Teach Kids That God Takes Care of Us

Debriefing Questions


  • How are these pins like the way Jesus takes care of our fears? 
  • Would a smaller or larger balloon have the same results? Why do you think so? 
  • Are there any fears that may be too big for Jesus? Explain. 

Say: Jesus’ power and love are not limited by the size of our fears. He created us and everything else in the universe. There is nothing too great or too small for him to handle.

5. Let’s Pray!

Have children sit in a circle on the floor.

Say: Let’s celebrate God’s love and care with a balloon offering! First, we’re going to worship God by giving to him. God has given us so much. Let’s thank him with our gifts of money. Pass around the offering.

Pray: Dear God, please accept these gifts. We know that you can do all things, including taking away our fears. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Pass around the uninflated balloons, and have each child take one. Distribute permanent markers, and have children carefully write their names on the balloons. Make sure older children help any children who need help writing their names.

Direct the children to blow up their balloons and hold the ends tightly. Have older children blow up balloons for younger children. Explain that, all together, children will thank God for releasing them from fear and will then release their balloons. Lead children in thanking God and let children release their balloons.

Say: We have an opportunity right here to hear the Lord. We can imagine that we are in Jesus’ boat on the rough and stormy Sea of Galilee. Like the disciples in this Jesus calms the storm lesson, we have fears of our own that Jesus can calm.

One by one, we’ll each call out a fear; you can use one word or a whole sentence if you want. Then we’ll all whisper the words Jesus used to calm the storm: Quiet! Be still!

Begin, and continue until every child who wishes to participate has done so.

Pray: Almighty God, you have calmed our hearts and given us peace. For this we thank you. As you remind us each day of your love and care, help us to listen. Amen.

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