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101 Totally Free Sunday School Lessons for Children

51. Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Waiting for Christmas

Use this lesson to teach preteens about how people eagerly awaited the birth of Jesus. And we wait for Jesus today!

52. The Great ADVENTure: 4 Weeks of Christmas Lessons

Rev up your Christmas program with these Sunday school lessons. Because these four weeks of lessons go with any Christmas program, you can add meaning to practices.

53. Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Christmas

Use this lesson to help preschoolers celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

54. Christmas Sunday School Lesson: The Birth of Jesus Christ

Use this fun lesson that helps children celebrate the birth of Jesus.

55. Preteen Sunday School Lesson: The News of Jesus’ Birth

Use this lesson to help preteens deeply think about the news of Jesus’ birth.

Free Sunday School Lessons for Topics

56. Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Making Good Choices

Use this lesson to help preschoolers understand how God wants us to make wise choices.

57. Preschool Sunday School Lesson: The Church Is People

Use this lesson to help preschoolers see that the church isn’t bricks and wood. It’s people!

58. Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Cooperation

Use this to teach preschoolers to work together.

59. Preteen Sunday School Lesson: Divorce

Use this to reinforce to preteens that God is with them during troubles. Divorce is not their fault.

60. Preschool Sunday School Lesson: Why God Created Families

Use this lesson about families with young children.

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