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Christian Cartoons for Kids: Quality Content for Young Viewers

Adventures in Odyssey

Best for ages: 8-12

Adventures in Odyssey features deeper Christian stories, rooted from the well-known radio drama and comedy series.

Stream episodes now on Amazon Prime or RightNowMedia Kids. You can also order audio CDs, which are great for screen-free entertainment on road trips!

Greatest Heroes & Legends of the Bible

Best for ages: 6-10

Greatest Heroes & Legends of the Bible is about classic Bible stories like Jonah and the Big Fish, the Garden of Eden and more, brought to life through Christian cartoons.

Available to stream on Amazon Prime, PureFlix, RightNowMedia Kids

Friends & Heroes

Best for ages: 6-10

Friends and Heroes retells Christian cartoon Bible stories while teaching important lessons about courage, faith, and hope.

Available on to stream on Amazon Prime Video, PureFlix, Minno, RightNowMedia Kids

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Superbook Bible Stories

Best for ages: 8-10

Superbook is about a middle school boy named Chris, his friend Joy, and his robot friend Gizmo. The trio travels through time to discover truths about the Bible.

Watch full episodes here for free online. Note: You do have to register for a free account to watch the episodes.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can also stream Superbook on Prime Video.