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Easter Sunday School Lesson: Help Children Celebrate Jesus’ Victory


  • Tell kids about a time you won something.
  • Have kids form pairs. Ask kids to share about when they’ve won something.
  • After partners have discussed, ask two or three kids to share with the whole group what they talked about with their partners.


Open a Bible to John 19, and say: It’s great to win. But when it comes to sports or board games, no one wins all the time. In today’s Bible story, we’ll see how God gives us victory over sin and death! God wins! Let’s dig in to the Bible to find out more. The Bible is a very special book that helps us know God. One of the ways God talks to us is through the Bible. God is ready to talk to you right now. So let’s talk with him.

Pray, praising God because he wins.

Core Bible Discovery (20 Minutes)

Jesus Has Victory Over Death (John 19:16-20:18)


  • Bible
  • large box
  • white bulletin board paper
  • tape
  • markers
  • party supplies such as glow sticks, helium balloons, streamers, snacks, music player and music, and another sheet of bulletin board paper to make a banner
  • flashlight

Easy Prep

  • Place all the party supplies in the large box. If you’re using glow sticks, activate them before putting them in the box. Also turn on the flashlight and place it in the box.
  • Then wrap the box in white bulletin board paper.

Experience the Loss


  • Tell about a time you lost a game or competition. Share your own story first.

Say: Losing at something important is hard. Today’s story is an epic battle. Good and evil had a showdown. God sent his Son, Jesus, as the ultimate good. Jesus lived a perfect life on earth. Jesus is God. Could evil beat God? Who will win, and who will lose? Let’s see.

Bible Connection

Have kids gather around the white box to help draw the Bible story.

Read John 19:16-17. Have each child draw a cross on the box. At least four kids should be able to draw at once.

Read John 19:18-22. Have each child draw a sign that says “King of the Jews” on the box.

Read John 19:23-24. Have each child draw clothing on the box.

Read John 19:28-29. Have each child draw a sponge on a stick on the box.

Read John 19:30. Have each child write “death” on the box.

Read John 19:32-34. Have each child draw a spear on the box.

Read John 19:40-42. Have each child draw a tombstone on the box.

Jesus Died for Our Sins

Say: Jesus died for our sins. That means he died for the things we’ve done wrong. Write or draw something you’ve done wrong on the box.

Turn off the lights.

Say: When Jesus died, it got dark, even though it was daytime. Now imagine if this was it. End of story. Jesus is dead. Look at our box. Our sins are still there. Death is all over it. Imagine if Jesus couldn’t do anything about sin and death. Think about what we would have lost if that were true.

Sit in silence for about 30 seconds while kids reflect on what we would’ve lost.

After 30 seconds, begin a sad, somber chant by saying, “We lost…” Have kids fill in the chant with what they thought of—for example, “We lost hope, we lost heaven, we lost love, we lost forgiveness, we lost joy, we lost church.” End the chant by simply declaring, “We lost. We lost. We lost.”

Pause a few seconds longer.

Say: I wonder if Satan thought he won that day. Jesus’ own friends thought the story was over. They lost. It seemed like evil beat God. Evil killed God.

Sit in silence in the darkness for a few more moments.