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Easter Sunday School Lesson: Help Children Celebrate Jesus’ Victory

Talk About It


  • Who won your game of foosball?
  • How does it feel when you win? when you lose?

Say: In life, sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose. It’s okay to lose a game of foosball every now and then. But we know that in the end God wins, so we have victory over sin and death. We won’t win everything in life, but we’ll win in the end! When we believe in Jesus, we’re guaranteed to beat death and go to heaven!

Have kids take home their foosball tables and marbles. Encourage kids to play foosball with their friends and families and share how God wins.

Easter Sunday School Lesson: Sunk in Sin (10 Minutes)


  • 5-ounce paper cups (1 per child)
  • paper towels (2 connected sheets per child and 1 sheet per group of 3)
  • large bowls of water (1 for every 3 kids)

Keep a Paper Towel Dry

Say: Here’s a challenge for you: Work with two other people to try to put a paper towel in water without getting it wet. Can you do it?

  • Form trios, and give each trio a large bowl of water and a paper towel.
  • Have kids brainstorm ways to put the paper towel into the water without getting it wet and then try their solution. They can’t use any other tools or supplies, and they can’t get rid of the water.
  • No matter what kids try, on its own, the paper towel will get wet.

Put a Paper Towel in a Cup

Say: Whatever we try, there’s no way to keep the paper towel from getting wet in the water. On its own, there’s no hope for the paper towel. It needs something to surround and protect it.


  • How are the paper towel and water like us and doing wrong things?

Say: We can try really hard, but we can’t be perfect. We’ll all do wrong things, and that’s called sin. Sin is like a condition that we can’t get rid of. We need a Savior—someone to rescue us and help us beat sin. Let’s add something else to your experiment.

  • Give each child a paper cup and two connected paper-towel sheets.
  • Show kids how to smash the paper towels down inside the bottom of the cup.
  • Have kids turn the cups upside down, making sure the paper towels stay inside the cups and don’t fall out. If the paper towels fall out, give kids bigger paper towels.
  • Have kids take turns pressing their upside-down cups down into the bowl of water. The cups should be completely submerged without touching the bottom of the bowl.
  • Have kids count to three with their cups underwater and then pull the cups straight up and out of the bowl.
  • Have kids remove the paper towels from the cups—they’re dry!
  • Give each child several turns to put his or her cup and paper towel into and out of the water.

Talk About It


  • How is Jesus like the cup in this experiment?

Say: God knew we’d be sunk in our sin, so he made a plan to save us. When Jesus died on the cross and came back to life, he beat the power of sin in our lives. God’s plan worked—God wins! Because of Jesus, sin can’t ruin us or our friendship with God anymore. We can be close to God and have victory over sin.