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4 Reasons We Allow Our Kids to Question Us and Our Faith

Questions open the door for them to follow both our rules and our faith through mutual accountability.

It Deepens Spirituality.

We have seen the power of questions deepen our children’s faith over the years possibly more than anything else. Allowing our children permission to question their faith (and ours) is one of the keys to helping it to become THEIR faith.

“If your kids don’t ever have any questions about their faith, it’s quite possible they won’t have any depth about it either.”

I came across this concept recently and loved it… “As parents and leaders and teachers, we’ve got to get comfortable in the belief that our faith is stronger than any questions our kids might ask about it.  By allowing them to test it, we actually encourage them to trust it.”

Through the power of questions, your kids will learn to own their own faith, rather than just mirror yours.

It Transfers Generationally.

Be sure of this – your grandchildren are going to have more questions about truth and faith, that are constantly under attack, than your children have now. We must create a culture of grace-filled conversational discipleship in our homes for the sake of future generations.

Previous parents may have been able to get by with raising a generation on spoon-fed Christianity, but I would argue that those days are over. We are raising a generation of young people who strongly desire (and deserve) authenticity and transparency.

The last thing any parent wants is a child who simply mirrors what they have been taught to believe until they leave home, only to leave the church at the very same time. (Sadly, that’s what statistics show is happening with 50% of churched young people.)

Parents, don’t fear the dark unknown of your kids’ questions. Face them head on with the confidence that your faith is stronger than any questions your kids might ask about it. Because…

“A faith that can’t be tested can’t be trusted.”

Do you have an open-door questions policy in your home?

Here’s an even more important question. Do you kids know that you have an open-door questions policy in your home where no question is off limits? Why not take time this week to make sure they know it and get the conversation started.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.