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3 Trends Making an Impact With Today’s Kids

Today’s kids are also generations that have lots of empathy.

If you want to impact today’s kids, then give them opportunities to serve others.

Give them an opportunity to go on a family missions trip.

Give them opportunities to give to those in need.

Share them the impact their giving is having.

Show them how to have love and respect for everyone.

Show them how to speak the truth in love.

Help them understand that bullying is wrong and has no place in the life of a someone who follows Jesus.

Teach them to stick up for those who are being put down.

Want to make a big impact this year in your children’s ministry?

  1. Give kids the opportunity to be in community.
  2. Earn the trust of parents.
  3. Give kids the opportunity serve others.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.