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My Kid Doesn’t ‘Get Anything’ Out of Church

For many of us, those things happened in the context of congregational worship. Now, I bet you did some of those things in Sunday School or Kids Church before you did them with the larger congregation, but I also bet there was something meaningful and affirming about doing it with the whole church.

It would be naive to think that this is a simple or easy task.

Kids are… kids. Churches would be wise to find ways to make it easier to invite kids into worship (click here for more on this). Parents should be prepared for the inevitable eye rolls of boredom or occasional acting out and having to do follow-up after the service to reinforce what was taught.

But I firmly believe these frustrations of the moment are far less painful than the alternative—a generation who is unknown, disengaged, and separated from the larger body of Christ.

By giving our children a place to be seen, to see, and to experience their faith with others, we give them so much more—we give them a foundation for their faith that will leave lasting impressions on their heart.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.