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Family Fun Ideas for Easter: 5 Activities for Parents to Lead

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4. Hugs While You’re Away

Many parents travel for business, and kids may have a hard time understanding how long it’ll be until Mom or Dad returns home. The next time you travel, fill a jar with Hershey’s Hugs candies—one for each day you’ll be away. Tell your child to get one “hug” each day while you’re away. Then when the jar is empty, you’ll be home to give your child a hug in person.

5. Noteworthy

Surprise notes tucked in lunch boxes and school cubbies let your kids know you’re thinking about them during the day. Use these fun note ideas to connect with your children while you’re apart.

Secret Code: Write a note in code with an attached key or a picture message.

Interactive: Leave a note acknowledging how busy life is for your family. Then ask your child to choose from a list of options how he or she would like to spend time with you at the end of the day.

Encouragement and Gratitude: Let your child know you’re aware of what’s going on in his or her life with a note highlighting something specific. Say, “I know you studied hard for today’s math test. Good job!” or “Thanks for feeding the dog this morning. You really saved me time, and I appreciate it!”

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