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Spring Sunday School Crafts: 12 Ways to Celebrate God’s Creation

Spring Sunday School Crafts

10. Forgiven Tag

Kids play this different version of Tag to remind them that Jesus forgives everyone.

You’ll need:
  • masking tape
  • an activity area
What you’ll do:

Tape a boundary one foot from the wall on two opposite sides of your activity area. Choose one child to be “It,” and have the remaining kids stand behind the line on one side of the room. At your signal, kids try to make it across the line on the other side of the area without getting tagged. If a child gets tagged, he or she also becomes It and tries to tag other kids before they cross the line. During the game, leaders occasionally shout, “Forgiven!” and all kids cheer and get to go free. Choose another child to be It and start again.

Afterward, discuss how Jesus forgives everyone and how forgiveness gives us freedom.

11. Spreading Love

Kids learn how bees spread pollen—and how we can spread God’s love to others.

You’ll need:
  • talc-free baby powder
  • a plastic tub
  • an activity area
What you’ll do:

Empty containers of talc-free baby powder into a shallow tub. Tell kids when bees spread pollen, they gather it from one flower and then leave pollen prints everywhere they go after that. Kids can practice spreading pollen by taking off their shoes and socks and stepping into the tub of baby powder. When their feet are covered with powder, kids can run around so they see how their powder footprints spread. (Baby powder vacuums and sweeps up easily.)

Tell kids that just like a bee spreads pollen everywhere it goes, we can spread God’s love everywhere we go, too.

12. Chrysalis

Kids wrap up in these cocoons so they can experience the forgiveness of sins.

You’ll need:
  • toilet paper
What you’ll do:

Form pairs. Give each pair several rolls of toilet paper. One child tightly wraps the other in a toilet paper cocoon, covering the child from head to toe and leaving the nose and mouth uncovered. Then kids burst through their cocoons. Partners switch roles and repeat the activity.

Talk about a butterfly’s life cycle—caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly. Then discuss the differences and similarities to our lives before and after Jesus.

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