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Teaching Kids Truth in an Age of Confusion

Never forget that God has given you home-court advantage if you’ll use it. You can play offense rather than defense in your home, and I hope that you will.

Here are some practical questions to ask and answer with your kids to help them understand biblical truth and grace in a godless society.

Who Am I?

  • This is a fundamental question that every person wrestles with, including our children. It is most important for them to understand that every person is made in the image of God and was created for a lifelong relationship with Jesus. God has wonderfully created them as either male or female on purpose, and no one and nothing can ever change that.
  • Contrary to what some are trying to say, being male or female goes far deeper and beyond just being able to surgically change one’s genitalia. It’s not a body issue, but a Bible issue. It’s not a choice our children have to make, but a choice that’s already been made for them, by a loving and all-knowing God who makes no mistakes (Psalm 18:30).

Who Is God?

  • At the heart of every issue that our culture is facing is a desire to become our own gods rather than submitting to the authority of God in our lives. Gender fluidity is just one more attempt to reject the God who created us by denying the very obvious and observable facts of who and how he chose to make us.
  • Unlike America, many other nations are not jumping on the cultural bandwagon of gender fluidity, but are sticking with the historical (and biblical) understanding of gender roles. Why? Because they see the looming destruction it will inevitably cause. They see the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is is nothing more than yet another attempt by the enemy to destroy not just a nation, but the family, and divert future generations away from God’s truth.
  • There is nothing new under the sun. This is what Adam and Eve wrestled with in the Garden of Eden, and it is the same battle that we are wrestling with today. Either we can be god, or God can be God, but not both. (Joshua 24:15) Our choice changes how we choose to live, both now and for eternity.

How Do I Live With Grace While Standing for Truth?

  • As the world gets further and further away from truth, it will hate more and more those who speak it. But may that never change our love for the people who have believed the enemy’s lies of confusion—people we are called to love. People Jesus died to save. People who are eternally lost without this gospel we hold. May we boldly, yet graciously, stand for truth, while teaching our children how to do the same.
  • Our children need to hear about these issues from a grace-filled, biblical standpoint, and the best ones to talk to them about it is you—their parent. And if you’re doing it right, such conversations ought to deepen your love for the people in need of this life-changing, freedom-giving truth we possess. (John 14:17)
  • Let me strongly encourage you to talk with your kids about these important truths, and even use the points and scriptures referenced above to help you do it.

“We can stand for Christ without compromising truth; we can love the lost without losing our testimony; and we can raise up a generation who understands how to do both.”

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.