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4 Discipleship Moments for Family Movie Night

The BIG Hero

I remember when my girls discovered Indiana Jones and MacGyver and they thought these two men are simply amazing. Every good movie has a great hero who always rescues the needy ones, loves the unloved ones, and saves the lost ones. It’s as though they had a prototype to work off of (hmmmmm), an ultimate Hero that could change the whole world (AHA!). We of course know His name, but let’s make sure our kids know Him too.

Here’s some ways to start that conversation.

  • Who in the movie needed rescued and who was the hero?
  • How did we know that he/she was the hero? What makes a hero heroic?
  • Who is the ultimate Hero of the world? Who has He rescued?

These questions and conversations flow easily in our house now since we started them a long time ago, but at first it can be a little awkward. Don’t let that awkwardness stop you.

These types of conversations carry more meaning than in just that moment; they begin to help your children build a framework through which they watch television and movies in the future. They will approach these things with a mind that is looking for more, critically reviewing the messages they receive, and developing a worldview based on the reality of God’s word.

And to think it all started with some pizza, popcorn, and pop (soda, coke, whatever) in your living room on Family Movie Night.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.