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Reward System for Kids: How to Encourage Cooperation

4. Benefits of reward systems

Using a reward system for kids can lead to calmer, less-chaotic classrooms. Then students can absorb more of your message and will view Sunday school in a positive light. Reward systems are especially useful for tasks such as Bible memorization, as you encourage kids to learn weekly verses.

Proponents of rewards note that they’re built into everyday life, even for adults. A reward system can even encourage kids to try new things.

5. Drawbacks of a reward system for Sunday school

Opponents of reward systems say they usually don’t lead to genuine heart change. Plus, they can be time-consuming and distracting, especially for busy adults who need to focus on teaching. Children are motivated in different ways, so one type of reward system might not fit all. Finally, some people say using a reward system in Sunday school is manipulative and might send the wrong messages about God and faith.

What other tips can you share about using a reward system for kids?