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Christmas Games for Children: 5 Last-Minute KidMin Ideas

More Festive Christmas Games for Children

3. Name That Tune

In this Christmas game, kids must listen carefully. Hum just one note of a Christmas song. (Need ideas? Use the list from the first game.) See if anyone can guess which song you’re humming. If not, hum the first and second note and allow more guessing. Continue adding more notes until someone correctly identifies the song.

Play several rounds. You can also let kids be the hummers!

After the game, lead kids in this discussion.


  • What Christmas song really helps you feel connected with Jesus?

Say: This Christmas, spend some time just listening to Jesus. Maybe Jesus has something to say to you through a song, through a Bible verse, or simply through spending quiet time with him.

4. My Name and My Gift

Play a fun alphabet Christmas game with your kids. Kids will sit in a circle. The first child will say, “My name is ___ and I’m giving ____.” The gift should start with the letter A. The next child will say the first child’s name and gift (Jennifer is giving an alligator), and add their own name and gift starting with the letter B. Continue around the circle, repeating all the previous gifts each time you add one, until you get all the way to Z. It’s okay for gifts to be a little … unrealistic!


  • What’s a gift you’re really giving someone this Christmas?

Say: Giving Christmas gifts reminds us that God gave us the best gift of all: Jesus!

5. Bethlehem Bonanza

Finally, play this fun Christmas game that’s a variation of Fruit Basket Upset. Arrange chairs in a circle so all kids except one have a seat. Then assign everyone a person from the Bible story: Mary, Joseph, a shepherd, or a wise man.

The person without a seat calls out one of the assigned names. Anyone with that assignment must get up and find a new seat—while the person in the middle also tries to take one.

The person in the middle can also call “Bethlehem Bonanza!” Then everyone must get up and find a new seat.

After the game, lead kids in this discussion.


  • What do you think it was like for Mary and Joseph to have to travel to Bethlehem, and later to Egypt?
  • Why do you think the shepherds ran so fast to see Jesus?
  • Why do you think the wise men traveled so far to see Jesus?

Say: A lot of traveling and moving around occurred when Jesus was born—kind of like in our game. But it was all part of God’s big plan to send Jesus as a baby to show the world his great love.

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