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Interactive Learning: The Power of Hands-on Sunday School Lessons

6. Harness the Power of Games

This site is one of many that offers free active Bible games. These help children learn about Jesus’ miracles. Kids are sure to remember (and request) these fun activities!

7. Build on Interactive Learning

Add adventure to Sunday school lessons with Lego blocks. Check out these ideas for letting kids build their imaginations!

8. Let Kids Get in on the Act!

Older kids and preteens enjoy acting out Bible lessons. Use free role-plays and skits at this site to involve students.

9. Put on a Puppet Show

Finally … Check out free puppet-show scripts. Then let kids create puppets and choose a role. Take turns being presenters and audience members. After practicing, present the show for preschoolers at church!

By getting interactive, Sunday school teachers and volunteers create exciting environments. Children encounter God’s living Word in immersive, life-changing ways.

What interactive learning strategies for children’s ministry do you recommend? Please let us know using the comments section below.