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Puppet Ministry – Puppets, Puppet Theaters, and Puppet Shows

I frequently receive questions about running an effective puppet ministry. Just the term “puppet ministry” can bring different images to mind to different people. For example, some think of a Christian puppet ministry as one that uses finger puppets in a toddlers Sunday School class. Others think of developing a puppet team of a large group of puppeteers which travel around using a large, portable puppet stage and a variety or mixture of half body and full body puppets. Still, others envision building a PVC-pipe stage in a Children’s Church room and relying upon volunteers to present puppet shows that are themed to the lessons and children’s church sermons. Of course, there are also those on the professional side who  have developed an elaborate puppet show using large puppets and remarkable puppet stages which could easily be featured as a regular children’s television program.

No matter what puppet ministry brings to your mind, the simple fact is that a solid Christian puppet show remains a viable avenue for effectively ministering the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all ages! Yes, within the middle of a multi-media presentation filled with remarkable stage lighting effects, video projection, high-energy events, and cutting-edge technology, a humorous puppet skit still grabs any audience’s attention and provides great opportunities to present your message.

If it has been awhile since you used a puppet skit or presented a puppet show, I encourage you to give it some serious consideration. If you have never used a hand puppet or are just now beginning to think about creating a puppet theater stage and putting together a puppet ministry team, you are about to discover a simple and extremely effective tool for your ministry.

Here in the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault, you will discover numerous puppet skits using a variety of people puppets and animal puppets as well as a couple of unique puppet stage designs you can use to easily build your puppet theater. In the Children’s Ministry Today Outlet Mall you will find a wonderful selection of professionally made hand puppets that are great for church puppet ministry.   

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