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Church Games for Kids: 17 Just-for-Fun Children’s Activities

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8. Hanger Tennis Game

Take a coat hanger and pull the bottom so it makes a diamond shape. Cover it with a knee-high stocking. Wrap masking tape around the top rounded part. Roll up paper into balls and use the hanger rackets to hit the balls.

9. Bloomer Basketball

Make two pairs of very large-waisted (hula hoop waistband) pants. You have two teams: a thrower, a catcher (wears the pants), a ball getter (who gets the missed balls and brings them back). For the ball, use cheap beach balls that are about half as big as a basketball. From 10 feet away, the throwers try to throw as many balls into the big pants as they can in 30 seconds. This is great fun if the kids throw wet sponges. (Pro Tip: Play water-themed church games for kids outside!)

10. Plunger Frisbee Game

Form two teams. Each team has a thrower, a catcher, and a miss-getter. The thrower throws the kind of frisbee with a large hole in the middle (or rings from a ring-toss game). The catcher holds a small toilet plunger atop their head, with handle pointing up. The idea is to throw the most frisbees onto the plunger handle in the shortest amount of time.

11. Muscle Beach Game

Make teams of four. Have each team choose a boy representative and ask them to put on the sweatshirt. The object is to make a muscle man by blowing up, tying and stuffing as many balloons into the shirt of the guy until he’s as muscular as possible. Give them two minutes. Determine the winner by a panel of judges. The first guy to break all his balloons by himself is also declared a winner.