Win the Battle of Separation Anxiety

What to Do if Your Child Cries at the Door

  • Tell your child good-bye.
  • Reassure your child that Mommy and Daddy will be back later. Then leave. Prolonged separations make it more difficult for your child to adjust.
  • Avoid going back to your child’s room to check on him. If your child sees you, it may upset him, and the tears will start to flow all over again.
  • Know that your child’s teacher will come to get you if she is unable to comfort your preschooler after a reasonable amount of time.

Don’t be alarmed if you have tried these suggestions and your child still cries at the door. Separation anxiety can be a brief period in your child’s development, or it may last months. Regular attendance at church does help your baby, 1 year-old, or 2 year-old overcome this anxious stage. Promptly picking up your child after church reassures him that you will come for him in a timely manner.

Your child’s teachers pray that your child will have a happy time at church. As teachers share Jesus’ love with your child, he will come to realize that church is indeed a loving, happy place.

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